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UK Spouse Visa Extension

Once you have obtained the initial tranche of Spouse Visa/Marriage Visa or Unmarried Partner visa the visa is granted to you for a 30 month period. You should apply for an extension 28 days before your visa expires. !--more-- Once you have completed 60 months in the UK you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, provided that you meet the requirements under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules and also meet the English language and Life in the UK test requirement. If you are...

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Tier 2 Visa Termination of Employment

You get a Tier 2 visa when you are offered a skilled job in the UK. You get sponsorship from your employer in the UK and then you can apply for a Tier 2 visa and work in the UK. When you get a job through sponsorship on Tier 2 visa you can stay in the UK for a time period that is mentioned on your certificate of sponsorship and 1 month extra or for a maximum period of 5 years, whichever is shorter. !--more-- But what if your employment terminates earlier? Do you have to leave the UK early ...

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Overview of Same-Sex Partner Visas in the UK

When there is a relationship between two people of same-sex out of which one is a British citizen or settled in the UK with ILR, and they are neither married nor in a civil partnership, then the partner who is non-EEA national can apply for a same-sex partner visa – a proposed civil partnership to join the other partner in the UK. One who is applying for a same-sex partner UK visa can come to the UK for a limited period of time by making an application under immigration rules in the UK. The appl...

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How to Apply for a UK Fiance Visa and Necessary Documents

If you want to join your partner in the UK who is a British Citizen or holding ILR, you can apply for UK Fiancé Visa. This also means that if you are planning to marry your partner in the UK who is a British citizen or a permanent resident in the UK, you can apply for UK Fiancé Visa. This falls under the settlement category of visas. You can only apply from outside the UK. !--more--

Eligibility conditions for a fiancé visa

You must meet the following conditions to successfully fiancé visa


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What Documents Do You Need to Apply for a Spouse Visa?

Spouse Visa is a category under Settlement Visa. People who are either holding Indefinite Leave to Remain or a British citizen – present and settled – in the UK can bring his/her spouse to the UK. !--more--

Sponsoring partner

To complete the immigration process settled partner in the UK need to sponsor their partner’s application so that he/she can join them in the UK. To be a sponsor you need to meet one of the following:
  • You must be a British Citizen or
  • You must have settled statu

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What is an Unmarried Partner Visa?

This visa is for people who are not married or do not want to get married but stay in a genuine and subsisting long term relationship. !--more-- As an Un-married Partner, you can either be dependent if your sponsor has a temporary visa i.e. limited leave to remain for example as a Tier 2 visa holder or Tier 1 Visa holder. OR You can be an unmarried partner of a person who is British or holds Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. The applicant can apply for entry clearance to come to the...

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UK Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visa for Architects

In order to be recognised as an exceptional talent, you need to obtain endorsement from a relevant UK body who recognize you as a leader (exceptional talent) or as an emerging leader (exceptional promise). You can be endorsed in one of the many fields like science, architecture, engineering, humanities, medicine, arts, fashion etc. !--more--

Exceptional talent in architecture

Architecture has been added only recently in the list of creative professionals who are eligible for UK Tier 1 Excep...

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UK Settlement Visa

All the family categories leading to the settlement are classed as UK Settlement Visas by the UKV&I. !--more-- The family categories are - Spouse or marriage visa - This is generally for people who are married to a person who has indefinite leave to remain in the UK or is a British citizen and intends to come and live in the UK with their married spouse. The applications are under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. The applicants need to meet requirements to prove that they -

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Eligibility to Work in the UK Checklist

If you are applying for a job in the UK, you will need to provide evidence to prove that you have the right to live and work in the UK. Having the right documentation is a crucial part of the application process, therefore, if you do not possess the right evidence then it is likely that your application will be refused by the employer. !--more-- When applying for a job, your prospective employer will ask for copies of your right to work documents which will then be dealt with in a secure a...

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Continuous Lawful Residence – 10 Years Indefinite Leave to Remain

The continuous lawful residence is the most important thing for an immigrant. Generally, the continuous lawfully residence is seen as a part for Indefinite Leave to Remain application on the basis of continuous 10 years residence in the UK. !--more--

Calculation of continuous lawful residence

So, the major requirement under the 10 years Indefinite Leave to Remain application is that the person should have a continuous lawful residence. Continuous means without any break. Lawful means...

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