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A UK fiancé visa - also known as a prospective marriage visa or prospective civil partnership visa. This category is falls under the Appendix FM of the Immigration rules. UK Fiance Visa is a category under Partner Visa. Applicants who intend to get married in the UK to their partner who is a British citizen or settled in the UK can apply for UK fiance visa.

Your partner in the UK must is British Citizen, person holding Indefinite Leave to Remain, EEA National pre-settled status or a person holding limited leave under Appendix ECAA (Ankara Agreement) of the immigration rules.  The UK Fiance Visa is granted for 6 months and within these 6 months you must be able to get married and apply for a further extension for Spouse Visa.  After arrival on a UK fiance visa, you can extend your stay inside the UK.

If the fiancé has any children from previous relationships, the children can apply to come with the fiancé, provided the single parent has sole responsibility of their child/ren.

The applicant must be able to meet the eligibility requirement in order to make a successful application as a fiance, there are various eligibility requirement, such as financial requirement (£29000 after 11 April 2024), relationship requirement, accommodation requirement and English Language requirement. It is duty of the applicant to provide relevant evidence in order to satisfy the Eligibility requirements.  

Benefits of a UK Fiancé Visa

The UK fiancé visa allows the applicants to come to the UK and get married inside the UK. Once they are married, they do not need to leave the UK and are allowed to extend their stay within the United Kingdom. Therefore, you do not need to leave the UK. The UK Fiance visa is a multiple entry visa and allows you to leave and re-enter the UK. You may be able to extend the UK fiancé visa if there are reasons beyond your control or in compassionate and compelling circumstances.

Once you are married you can get the spouse visa or after forming civil partnership you will be granted civil partnership visa inside the UK, which is granted for 2.5 years. If you are planning to apply for uk fiance visa, get in touch with our immigration experts now.

Eligibility and Requirements for the UK Fiance/Fiancée Visa 

  • You both must be above 18 years of age;
  • You both must have met each other in person prior to application and have the intention to permanently live together after marriage or civil partnership;
  • You should provide evidence of arrangements of your marriage;
  • Both of you must be free to marry and any previous relationship must have broken down permanently;
  • The couple should provide evidence to prove that their relationship is genuine and subsisting;
  • You must provide evidence that they have adequate accommodation available to live in the UK;
  • If you are not a national of English-Speaking Majority, then you must fulfil the relevant English language requirement at level A 1 by providing SELT test certificate or degree with UK Naric statements;
  • You must meet the financial requirement that means that your partner must provide evidence of earnings at £18,600 per year or £29000 if applying after 11 April 2024; and 
  • If you are unable to get married within the 6 months period you may be able to extend the fiancé visa from within the UK provided there are genuine reasons why you were unable to get married within the 6 months granted to you.

Relationship and Accommodation Requirement-UK Fiance Visa

Your relationship to your fiance must be proved to be genuine and subsisting. This depends on your circumstances and how you continue to keep in touch with your fiancé or travel to see each other. In order to apply for UK fiance visa, you must have met your partner in person at least once before applying for the UK fiance visa application.

You and your partner must intend to live in the UK permanently and be able to accommodate and maintain yourselves without additional access to public funds.

Minimum Age Requirement For UK Fiance Visa

In order to apply for UK fiance visa both the applicant and their partner must be 18 Years or over.


You must be considered suitable to enter the UK that means you should have any unspent criminal convictions or should not be considered to be a person not in public interest or should not have an outstanding bill of £500 or more towards the NHS in the UK. You must also not fall for refusal under certain general Grounds for Refusal when submitting a fiance visa application under Appendix FM.

English Language Requirement For UK Fiance Visa

English Language requirement is applicable to you if you are not from an English Majority Speaking country – example – USA, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, etc. You should be able to meet the English Language requirement at level A 1 if applying Initially level A2 if extending a spouse visa.

You must provide SELT test certificate which is UKVI recognised. You can also provide your degree if taught from English majority country or have a Ecctis letters of comparability and English language assessment.

Financial Requirements & Exceptions to apply for UK Fiance Visa

If you are applying on or after 11 April 2024 then you must be able to show earnings of £29,000. However, if you initially applied before this date then you need to continue with the earnings of £18600. If you had or have children the amount increases according to the number of children you have starting with £3800 for first child and £2400 each for any additional children. With the new rules in April 2024, you do not need to show additional income for children and only income of £29000 is sufficient.

There are various ways to meet the financial requirement for UK Fiance Visa –

  • Earnings from employment for last 6 months;
  • Earnings from employment for last 12 months if you are not employed by the same employer for last 6 months;
  • Non-employment earnings – if you are receiving hourly wages
  • Self-employment earnings in the full last tax year from 06 April to 05 April or average of last 2 tax years;
  • Company director earnings received during the company tax year;
  • Earnings through shares held in a company (dividends);
  • Pensions
  • Rental Income
  • Overseas employment where you are returning to the UK with your husband or wife;
  • Overseas self-employment or company earnings if you are returning with your husband and wife to the UK;
  • Earnings during Maternity and Paternity pay;
  • Savings held by you or your partner for last 6 months £88500 after 11 April 2024 or £62500 before 11 April 2024;
  • Gifts held as savings or money received from sale of property, shares, bonds or assets;
  • Grants or Stipends can also be counted towards financial requirement.

Therefore, the financial requirement can be satisfied by the applicant or the UK sponsor (i.e. a person with ILR or a British citizen) in different ways. For example, you may be employed, self-employed, a director of a limited company, have savings, assets or liquidation of shares stocks or properties. The document requirements change according to the way you want to satisfy the financial requirement. 

If the sponsor is receiving any of the following allowances or concessions, then the applicants are exempted from meeting the above financial requirements:

  • severe disablement allowance;
  • industrial injury disablement benefit;
  • attendance allowance;
  • carer’s allowance;
  • personal independence payment or Disability Living allowance;
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment or Guaranteed Income Payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme;
  • Constant Attendance Allowance, Mobility Supplement or War Disablement Pension under the War Pensions Scheme; or
  • Police Injury Pension

The applicants will need to meet the maintenance and accommodation requirement in such cases which is based on the amount of income support for the family of same size in the UK after deduction of rent and council tax payments.

Required Documents For UK Fiance Visa

Each visa category - including fiancé visas - have a specific set of required documents which depends on circumstances of the applicant and sponsor. The applicant has the burden of proof so they need to provide documents to the Home Office in order to show that they satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Rules. Some of the documents which must be submitted with UK fiance visa application include:

  • Completed application form;
  • Your passport and 2 recent passport photographs, which is taken at the Visa Application Centre;
  • Evidence of your and your partner’s age if you have just turned 18 years old;
  • Evidence that you have met each other, intend to marry or register your partnership, and intend to live together permanently after marriage;
  • Documents to show that you meet the necessary financial requirements, including:
    • Permissible sources of income and savings;
    • The time periods and permitted combinations of income sources applicable to each permitted source relied upon;
    • Reliable evidence for each permitted source on income;
  • Documents to prove the successful achievement of the necessary English language requirements
  • TB test certificate where the applicant has resided in a country listed under Appendix T

How Long Can You Stay in the UK with UK Fiance Visa?

If your UK fiance visa application is successful, you will be a granted a 6-month visa to allow you to come to the UK and get married. You must then apply for a Spouse Visa once married. After you arrive in the UK, you must wait until you have been present for 7 clear days. After this point, you can go to a registrar office in order to give notice of marriage. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Fiance Visa to the UK?

Once making the UK Fiance Visa application from outside the UK, the supporting documents must be submitted to the Entry Clearance officer for consideration. Once you are in the UK and have got married you can extend your stay from within the UK by submitting a spouse/marriage visa application. Generally, the process takes between 8 to 12 weeks from outside the UK unless you are purchasing priority service, which has an additional fee.  The Home Office UKV&I fee for the application is £1846. Once you have extended your stay on  Spouse Visa and completed 5 years, you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

You can pay a Priority fee of £500 to speed up the decision.

UK Fiance Visa Refusal Reasons

It may be the case that your initial application for a UK fiance visa is refused. There are a various reason why this can happen, including supplying incorrect documents, not disclosing relevant information or immigration issues, or assuming will request for documents which may be missing. 

You should avoid such mistakes so that the Home Office does not get a chance to refuse your visa application. In order to get expert legal advice on your UK fiance visa application, get in touch with us. We guarantee you the successful outcome on cases where you provide us with all the documents we request.

How We Work

We assess your circumstances and provide you a quote for our services. If you choose to move ahead with your fiance visa application, you pay a 50% deposit of our fee and 50% on submission. Once the process is started, we provide you with a comprehensive checklist of the documents you'll need to provide. We advise you on the evidence and submission process, in relation to the country you are applying from. We review all the evidence and suggest any amendments you may require, or we can draft letters and templates for you were necessary, as well as preparing your application forms and booking you an appointment in the country where you provide your biometrics. Finally, we prepare detailed representations for the Home Office or UKV&I.

We do not leave any scope for refusal of your application - if there is anything which is of concern, we point this out to you and help you to remedy the issues. Should there be a delay in your fiance visa processing times, we will chase the application for you. We can guarantee a positive outcome if you will be able to provide all the evidence we request from you in our checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding UK Fiance Visa application

  • Should I have met my partner before applying for UK Fiance Visa?

           Yes, you must meet in person before applying for the UK Fiance Visa.

  • We met only once; can we apply for fiance visa?

           You should provide additional evidence to establish that your relationship is genuine and subsisting and can apply for UK Fiance Visa.

  • I have a child from previous relationship, can they join me on the fiance visa ?

           Yes, the child can apply with you provided the child is under the age of 18 and you have sole responsibility for the child's upbringing or compassionate and compelling circumstances exist. 

  • Do I need a TB test Certificate?

           Yes, nationals and residents of certain countries need to provide TB test certificate.

  • How do I provide my documents?

           You need to provide documents in digital format.

  • Where do I book the appointment?

           The appointment are booked through VFS or TLS if you are outside the UK or with UKVCAS if inside the UK.

  • I am applying from outside the UK which English Test I need?

           You will need Level A 1 English test SELT, this is a basic listening and Speaking test.

  • Do I need to be of a minimum age to apply for fiance Visa?

           Yes, you both must be 18 years or above.

  • My mother gave me money as Gift can I use this towards financial Requirement?

           Yes, you can use money received as gift provided you have held it for 6 months or longer.

  • Why should I choose you?

           We provide you with a better service than other and have a highly knowledgeable lawyer. We do not give you an online portal and you always get reply to your email or phone calls.


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