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What is a Point Based System (PBS) Dependent Visa?

The PBS Dependant Visa is designed to allow dependants, who are family members or partners, to join, accompany or stay in the United Kingdom with the main applicant - whio is also known as PBS Migrant. The point based system consists of Tiers 1, 2, 4 and 5. However since the lauch of skilled worker visas or Global Business Mobility (GBM) visas the dependent family members of all the applicants now fall under the Point Based System Dependents. All the categories for dependents are linked to Appendix Relationship with Partner for married couples, unmarried partner and for children Appendix Child.

It is generally called the PBS dependent visa because the main applicants were required to score points in order to arrive in the UK and therefore the dependents for all the categories like Skilled Worker Visa all fall under the Point Based System (PBS) Dependent Visa.  

Who is a PBS Dependant?

A dependant can be:

  • A spouse, unmarried partner or same sex partner - In order to be eligible for applying as a partner you must prove that your relationship is genuine and subisting as a dependent. 

  • A child who is under 18 years of age, or over 18 and already in the United Kingdom as a PBS Dependant. The child will need to prove that they are not living an ‘independent life’ away from the PBS Migrant. - In order to apply as a child both the parents must be applying or if you are a single parent you must prove that you have sole responsibility of the child or there are compassionate and compelling reasons that the child needs to travel with the single parent. 

Dependants should have a genuine and subsisting relationship with the Point Based System Migrant and they must usually live at the same address as the PBS Migrant. There are some exceptions to this, such as children at a boarding school or dependents having employment in different cities and therefore they have to live away from the family home. Regardless of the fact the relationship must be proved to be genuine and subsisting. 

In addition, to establishing  the relationship to be genuine and subsisting the Point Based System Dependent must be able to meet the financial requirment, which is different for different routes. 

What visa should the Main PBS (Point Based System) Migrant Have?

The main PBS Migrant must have 

  • Appendix Skilled Worker
  • Appendix Global Business Mobility – Senior or Specialist Worker
  • Appendix Global Business Mobility – Graduate Trainee
  • Appendix Global Business Mobility – UK Expansion Worker
  • Appendix Global Business Mobility – Service Supplier
  • Appendix Global Business Mobility – Secondment Worker
  • Appendix T2 Minister of Religion
  • Appendix Global Talent
  • Appendix High Potential Individual
  • Appendix Scale-up
  • Appendix Start-up
  • Appendix Innovator Founder
  • Appendix International Sportsperson
  • Appendix Temporary Work - Creative Worker
  • Appendix Temporary Work - Religious Worker
  • Appendix Temporary Work - Charity Worker
  • Appendix Temporary Work - International Agreement
  • Appendix Temporary Work - Government Authorised Exchange

How Long is a PBS (Point Based System) Dependant Visa Valid?

A PBS Dependant Visa should expire on the same day as the visa of main PBS migrant, however, children are always granted leave in line with the parent who has shorter leave in the UK. 

Documents Required for a Point Based System Dependent

Generally, the documents dependents on circumstances of the applicants, however, the general list of documents are: 

  • Fully completed application form; 
  • Passports for the main applicant; 
  • Passports for the dependent; 
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate; 
  • Birth certificates; 
  • Evidence of the relationship being genuine and subsisting; 
  • Evidence of accommodation; 
  • Family photos; 
  • Evidence of sole responsibility in cases of the child

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a TB test Certificate?

Yes, nationals and residents of certain countries need to provide TB test certificate

  • How do I provide my documents?

You need to provide documents in digital format

  • Where do I book the appointment?

You can book the appointment through VFS or TLS if you are outside the UK or with UKVCAS if inside the UK. We book your appointments if we are representing your application.

  • I am applying from outside the UK which English Test I need?

You do not need English test to apply for PBS Dependent Visa.

  • Do I need to be of a minimum age?

Yes, you both must be 18 years or above



Do you need to apply for a Point Based System Dependents?

Speak to our experts to find out about our fast, friendly and affordable service

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