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UK Expansion Worker

This route is mainly for business overseas to open a branch/subsidiary office in the UK.

The route replaces the Sole Representative route and allows the foreign businesses to do expansion in the UK. This route sits within the Global Business Mobility (GBM) Category of the Immigration rotes.

The way this route work is that –

  1. The overseas company should not have an active branch, subsidiary in the UK;
  2. The company intends to send a senior worker of the company to the UK in order to set up the operations in the UK;
  3. The senior worker must be working for the company for at least 12 months unless they are a high earner;
  4. The overseas company will be required to apply for a Sponsor Licence under the GBM route;
  5. The company needs to pay the Expansion worker a salary of £45800 in the UK;
  6. There is no English Language Requirement;
  7. The expansion worker is allowed to stay a maximum of 2 years and if they wish to stay longer, they will be required to move to Skilled Worker Route;
  8. The Expansion worker is allowed to bring in dependents;


Sponsor Licence under GBM route

In order to apply for the GBM licence the company needs to have:

  • UK footprint – register the company with companies’ house or have UK business premises;
  • Provide evidence of overseas trading;
  • Show credible plans to expand to the UK and establish trading presence;
  • The business needs to provide evidence of 3 years trading overseas;
  • Provide bank statements for at least last 3 years
  • Business accounts and tax documents overseas for last 3 years
  • Overseas contracts of business
  • Evidence of advertising
  • Evidence of business premises overseas

Some businesses have exceptions such as a Japanese business under UK-Japan comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement OR UK- Australia Free trade Agreement

Once the licence is granted the company needs to provide certificate of sponsorship to the individual Expansion Worker, who will submit an application and meet –

  • 20 Points – Eligibility requirement for the occupation listed under Appendix Skilled Occupations eligible for GBM;
  • 20 Points – for salary of £45800
  • Have £1270 in the bank account for 28 days according to Appendix Finance

There is no English Language requirement, however, Genuineness of the applicant would be assessed by the decision maker

The applicant is not allowed to have access to public funds and must only work for the sponsor organization.

If you are looking to open a branch or subsidiary for your business in the UK you can call us on 02034111261 or email us on



Do you need to apply for a UK Expansion Worker?

Speak to our experts to find out about our fast, friendly and affordable service

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