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UK Defacto Visa Applications 

What is a UK Unmarried Partner Visa or De-Facto Visa?

A UK unmarried partner visa or de-facto visa is available for unmarried partners. The sponsor is the British Citizen, person holding Indefinite Leave to Remain, EEA National with limited Leave to Remain or a person holding limited leave as a ECAA person under Appendix ECAA of the immigration rules. The parties to the relationship should have generally lived under one roof in a relationship akin to marriage for two years.

The applicant's apply from outside the UK or extend their stay within the UK as an unmarried partner. The de-facto visa allows couples and same-sex couples to stay in the UK on basis of their relationship. Same rights and benefits as are allowed to those who are married or living in a civil partnership.

The UK unmarried partner visa is granted for 33 months from outside the UK and 30 months from within the UK. Once the applicant has completed 60 months or 5 years in the UK, they can apply Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK and later British Citizenship.

You cannot switch to this category if you are on a visa which does not allow you to stay for more than 6 months, if you hold a visa for 6 months or less then you must leave the UK and obtain UK entry clearance.

Benefits of a De-Facto Visa or UK Unmarried Partner Visa

After the visa is granted, there are a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Ability to settle permanently in the UK by applyign Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK;

  • Entitlement for the applicant to work in the UK without any restrictions; and

  • Entitlement to the same benefits as UK citizen (except access to public funds)

Defacto Visa or UK Unmarried Partner Visa Requirements & Eligibility

Applicant's applying for the UK unmarried partner visa must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • The partners must be a minimum of 18 years of age;

  • The couple must establish - with substantial documentary evidence - that they have lived together for at least two years before applying. This requirement is flexible as the 2 years of living can be combined from different periods. 

  • After being granted a defacto visa or UK unmarried partner visa, the couple must intend to stay together on a permanent basis;

  • Previous relationships of the applicant or UK sponsor must have ended;

  • The couple should be able to financially support themselves and their dependents (if any) without relying on public funds;

  • The couple must meet the income threshold of £18,600 for sponsoring a non-EU national. A higher threshold of £22,400 is required for sponsoring a child, with an additional £2,400 for each subsequent child;

  • The couple should have suitable accommodation for themselves and any dependents.

Financial Requirements and Exceptions for UK unmarried partner visa

To qualify, you can meet the financial requirements through income from employment, self-employment, director of a limited company inside or outside the UK, cash savings, rental income, etcetera.

All the categories have a separate set of documents for submission with the application:

  • Sources of income and savings, as applicable;

  • Time periods and permitted combinations of sources as applicable to each permitted source relied upon for the purpose of the application;

  • Documentary proof for each permitted source of income relied upon.

Your sponsors are not required to meet the financial requirement if they are in receipt of any of the following allowances or benefits:

  • disability living allowance;
  • severe disablement allowance;
  • industrial injury disablement benefit;
  • attendance allowance;
  • carer’s allowance;
  • personal independence payment;
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment or Guaranteed Income Payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme;
  • Constant Attendance Allowance, Mobility Supplement or War Disablement Pension under the War Pensions Scheme; or
  • Police Injury Pension

However, the applicant's will need to satisfy the maintenance and accommodation requirement in such cases, which is based on the income support allowance for the family of same after deduction of rent and council tax payments.

English Language Requirements

You need to meet certain English language requirements when applying for a UK unmarried partner visa. You can meet these requirements by proving that you are a national of a majority English-speaking country or hold a degree - equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree or above - that was taught in English. Alternatively, you could also pass the English test at the appropriate level.

In order to prove your English language ability, you should use the Home Office’s list of approved English language tests. In the case of UK unmarried partner visa applications, you are required to pass at CEFR A1 level for the purpose of Entry Clearance. The requirement changed to level A2 for applicants submitting an application for a UK unmarried partner visa extension. 

Required Documents for UK unmarried partner visa

De facto visas have a particular set of required documents which need to be completed and submitted with your application. The following documents provide evidence for fulfilling the UK unmarried partner visa requirements:

  • Your passport and 2 recent passport photographs which is taken at visa application centre;

  • Substantial evidence to prove that your relationship has been genuine and subsisting for 2 years or more;

  • Evidence that you intend to live together permanently;

  • Documents to show that you meet the necessary financial requirements, including:

    • Relevant sources of income and necessary savings;

    • The time periods and permitted combinations of income sources applicable to each permitted source relied upon;

    • Reliable evidence for each permitted source of income.

  • Documents to satisfy the English language requirement.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Defacto Visa or UK unmarried partner visa and what are the fees?

The application can be submitted from within or outside the UK. The applications from outside the UK take between 8 to 12 weeks unless you have opted for priority. The time period is extended to 24 weeks due to the Ukrainian crisis. Once the application is approved from outside the UK the applicant will be given a three month visa and they will collect their Biometric residence permit from the relevant post office. if the application is made within the UK then the applicant will get 2.5 years to leave to remain. Once an applicant has completed 5 years, they can apply for settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK  

The application fee from outside the UK is £1,538 plus the Immigration Health Surcharge of £1872. From inside the UK, you will pay a Government fee of £1,048 plus an Immigration Health Surcharge of £1560. 

UK Unmarried Partner Visa Refusal Reasons

It may be the case that your initial application for a UK Unmarried Partner visa is refused. There are a variety of reasons why this can happen, including supplying incorrect documents, not disclosing previous visa or immigration issues, or assuming that the Home Office would be lenient or would find information themselves. 

You should avoid such mistakes so that the Home Office does not get a chance to refuse your UK unmarried partner visa application. In order to get expert legal advice on your UK unmarried partner visa application or appeal, get in touch with us. We guarantee you a successful outcome in appeal cases where you provide us with all the documents we request from you.

How We Work

Before you apply for a UK unmarried partner visa, we assess your circumstances and provide you with a quote for our services. If you choose to move ahead with your application, you pay an initial 50% deposit of our fees and 50% on submission of the application. We then provide you with a comprehensive checklist of documents you'll need, as well as templates approved by the Home Office.

We advise you on the evidence and process of submitting your defacto visa application, reviewing all this evidence and suggesting any amendments you may require. We do not leave any scope for refusal of your application - if there is anything which is of concern, we inform you of this and help you to remedy the issues. We prepare the application forms, and always send you these to review - this is to avoid any simple mistakes. We prepare and finalise your application for submission, and book you an appointment in the country where you will provide your biometric details. Should there be any delays to the processing times for your UK unmarried partner visa, we will chase the application for you.


Can I switch to the UK Unmarried Partner Visa from Visitor Visa?

The Immigration Rules generally restrict a person on visitor visa to switch into UK Unmarried Partner unless there are exceptional circumstances or there is a child involved who is British or its not reasonable for the child to leave the UK after residing for 7 years.

Do I need to pay Immigration Health Surcharge when applying for a UK Unmarried Partner?

Yes, you will need to pay for the Immigration Health Surcharge for UK Unmarried Partner Visa. 

How Long is the Unmarried parter visa granted for?

The unmarried partner visa is granted for 30 months and after this you need to extend your unmarried partner visa.

Do I need to provide a TB test with UK Unmarried Partner Visa?

If the applicant is made form outside the UK, the immigration rules provide a list of countries where the applicant may have resided for 6 months or more will require a TB test from an IOM approved clinic.

Do I need to provide English Language Test?

Yes, you will need pass an English Language Test if you do not have a degree from the UK or certified by UK Ecctis, however, if you are between 18 and 65 years old you would need to meet the English Language requirement or if you are not a national of a majority English speaking country, you do not need to pass the English language test. 

Do you need to apply for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa?

Speak to our experts to find out about our fast, friendly and affordable service

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