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Things you should know about Entrepreneur visa extension

An applicant can apply for an extension under the Entrepreneur category until 5th April 2023 if you are already in the UK on a UK entrepreneur visa. If you have lived for a sufficient enough period in the UK and meet other eligibility conditions then you can apply for UK settlement under this route until 5th April 2025. However, those looking to make a new application for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa cannot do so as this visa category is closed for new applications from March 2019 and this visa h...

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Challenging deportation

“Deportation” means enforcing the removal of a foreigner from a country. So, the UK Home Office may enforce the removal of an individual for the public good especially when that individual is served a criminal sentence in the UK. A court can also issue a deportation order against an individual. If the Home Office decides to issue a deportation order, you will be informed in writing by the Home Office if it wants you to leave the UK.

 Who can be deported?

Any person in the UK can be deported if...

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Everything you should know about the UK points based system

UK Government intends to introduce the new points based system from 0next year. know more about the welcomes hundreds of foreign nationals every year for employment. The country will likely have a well-defined immigration law in place for migrant workers in the UK. The new system wills after Brexit will treat the EU and non-EU migrants equally. From January 1st, 2021 all EU migrants will also have to apply to get permission to work in the UK under the new Points Based System. Irish citizens w...

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7-year child Parent Route

On the basis of a 7 year child parent route, one can regularize their status in the UK. This allows a child below 18 years of age living in the UK based on his/her private life. Paragraph 276ADE of the Immigration Rules provides children to apply under Article 8 to private life.

Significance of 7 years residence

In 2012 the idea of 7 years was re-introduced with new criteria added to it. The new criteria were to check if it would be unreasonable for the child to leave the UK. Until 2008, 7 yea...

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Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) after 5 years Requirements and Eligibility

ILR or indefinite leave to remain is for people who have immigrated to the UK and don't have the right of abode in the UK. ILR is the final hurdle before applying for British Citizenship. Holding ILR allows you to continue to stay in the UK for work, study, or to live in the UK. You can apply for Indefinite Leave to remain ILR after 5 years/ 60 months of continuous residency in the UK in categories such as Appendix FM, Appendix EU, Sole Representative, Tier 1 or Tier 2 categories.


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Health and Care Visas

The new health and care visa will be launched on 04 August 2020. The occupation codes covered under this visa are –

  • 2112 – Biological scientists and biochemists
  • 2113 – Physical Scientists
  • 2211 – Medical Practitioners
  • 2212 – Psychologists
  • 2213 – Pharmacists
  • 2214 – Ophthalmic Opticians
  • 2215 – Dental practitioners
  • 2217 – Medical Radiographers
  • 2218 – Podiatrists
  • 2219 – Health Professionals not elsewhere classified
  • 2221 – Physiotherapists
  • 2222 – Occupational Therapists
  • 2

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UK Point Based System – Further Details

The Home Secretary has published further details on the UK point-based system on 13 July 2020. From 31 December 2020 at 11:00 pm the free movement rights with the European Union will end and will mark the launch of the new UK Immigration Point Based System. The new system will cater to the most highly skilled workers, skilled workers, students and a range of other specialist work routes including routes for global leaders in their field and innovators. The EU nationals will be covered by the tra


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Sole Representative Visa and Genuineness Test

From 4 June 2020, the genuineness requirement has been introduced to the Sole Representative route, this means that the applicant may be required to prove the genuineness by submitting additional evidence or the applicant can be invited for the interview. The assessment of genuineness will entail consideration of these questions –

  • The number of staff the overseas business has or trading premises;
  • Whether the overseas business has a trading presence in one other country and tracks reco

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Victim of Domestic Violence and UK Immigration

Domestic Violence can be any incidents or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse, this can include

  • Physical;
  • Psychological;
  • Sexual;
  • Financial; or
  • Emotional
The abuse can also occur in many different forms which may include isolation, exploitation, or depriving a person of needed independence. Where a person believes that they are a victim of domestic violence they can get 2 types of civil court orders to protect themselves...

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Further Submissions in Asylum and Human Rights Cases

If an applicant is refused an asylum or humanitarian protection claim under the Refugee Convention or Article 3 of ECHR or refusal of a UK Human Rights application, the applicants can make further submissions. In protection claims such further submissions/fresh claim should be made in person by booking an appointment with the further submission unit – Liverpool – Home Office (Tel - 01512132411), however, if the person is unable to travel to Liverpool, permission must be obtained from a senior H...

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