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General Grounds for Visa Refusal

Visa refusal is a common thing. Applicants make some common mistakes that lead to visa refusals. This is advised to take experts such as Visa and Migration's services to avoid making such mistakes in the first place. If a visa application is rejected you can go for administrative review or appeal or simply make a fresh application. It does not matter which option you choose you have to spend money and time and you may be frustrated as well. Also, a visa refusal may lead to a ban of 10 years. Thu...

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Appendix T5

UK has an immigration system in place that allows non-British nationals to enter, live and work in the UK. This is called a points based system comprising of 5 tiers. These 5 tiers came into existence in the UK between 2008 and 2010 and replaced the old work permit system. Now, this new tier system is administered by UK Visa and Immigration.

UK Tier 5 visa category

There are temporary workers who wish to come to the UK for a short period of up to 12 months or 24 months (in two situations)....

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Civil Partnership

A civil partnership is an act where two people of same-sex or opposite-sex enter a civil partnership instead of getting married to each other. Civil Partnership in the UK was originally introduced for same-sex couples but later, it was expanded for opposite-sex couples as well. Civil partnership act 2004 granted same-sex couples to enter into a civil partnership, which gives a couple the same benefits enjoyed, by a married couple.

Who can form a civil partnership?

Terms of Civil Partnershi...

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A skilled worker visa- Who can switch?

UK immigration system allows individuals to switch from other visa categories to skilled worker visas. This means those who are in the UK on a different visa can switch to a skilled worker visa if they wish to, provided they meet the eligibility conditions. However, you cannot switch to a skilled worker from some visa routes that are – (a) as a Visitor; or (b) as a Short-term student; or (c) as a Parent of a Child Student; or (d) as a Seasonal Worker; or (e) as a Domestic Worker i...

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Hong Kong British National (Overseas) BN (O) visa

The UK raised its concerns after China imposed its national security law in Hong Kong. In its policy statement released in July 2020, UK saying that the country wants to open a window for the BN (O) citizens in Hong Kong to come to the UK to live and work if they wish to. On 22 October 2020 UK Government has released a statement that talks about the changes to the new immigration rules including BN (O)overseas visa route's legal framework. Now all BN (O) holders can apply for BN (O) overseas vis...

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Representative of an Overseas Business

The Representative of an Overseas business route is available to companies who wish to establish a UK branch or subsidiary office to establish their operations in the UK. The route for this purpose is to send a representative to the UK. This visa category allows a senior employee of an overseas business that has no presence in the UK to come to the UK as a sole representative or a media representative.

Who is the sole and media representative of an overseas business?

A sole representative o...

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Challenging 320 7 (A) - 10-year ban

UK immigration laws have provisions for refusing visas to the applicants. You should know them or consult experts to avoid making any mistake that may cause you serious troubles such as 10 years ban to enter the UK. Paragraph 320 7(A) sets out mandatory grounds for the refusal of visas. Paragraph 320 7(A) sets the grounds of refusal based on false representation, false documents, and/or non-disclosure of relevant facts. Applicants will be refused their application for entry clearance, leave t...

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Criminality and UK Immigration

Criminality is a vital factor when one thinks to apply for a UK visa or British Citizenship. The Home Office of the UK checks if there is any criminal record in your name and if so whether you should be given the visa or not. Applicants need to submit a criminal record certificate when applying for a UK visa and if one fails to do so he/she may face the visa refusal. There are various requirements one needs to fulfil while making a visa application and a previous criminal record is one of them....

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Fiancé Visa - How to prepare your application

The UK Fiancé visa is a route for a non-British individual to join his/her fiancé who is settled in the UK. UK Fiancé visa is also termed as a prospective marriage or civil partnership visa and it is different from a spouse/partner visa. UK fiancé visa allows the applicant to join his partner in the UK for 6 months and during the 6 months; both must get married or enter into a civil partnership with each other.

Eligibility for UK fiance visa

  1. You and your UK based partner must be 18 o

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UK Skilled worker rules and guidance

Looking to come to the UK for work? The UK welcomes skilled workers from across the world. However, there are going to be new skilled worker rules in place. So far there has been free movement for all EU and EEA citizens coming to the UK. Come January 1, 2021, the free movement of people between the UK and EU is going to end as a result of Brexit. The UK is launching a new immigration system in which everyone outside the UK will be treated equally. This applies to employers in the UK and all non...

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