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Apply for an adult-dependent relative visa from the UK

From 1st June 2023, the adult-dependent relative visa route has its own Appendix, Appendix Adult Dependent Relative.
The route is for a person aged 18 or over, who is sponsored by a British citizen, a person holding Indefinite Leave to Remain, EEA National who has permission under Appendix EU or has a protection status in the UK.

Who can apply for an adult-dependent relative visa?

An adult-dependent relative is:
 A parent aged 18 or over
 A grandparent
 A brother or sister aged 18 or over
 A son or daughter aged 18 or over   

The relative in the UK who is sponsoring the adult-dependent also must be aged 18 or above and one of the following:
 A British or Irish citizen in the UK
 One with settled status in the UK. For example, one who has indefinite leave to remain, one with settled status under the EU settlement scheme or permanent residence
 Someone in the UK with either refugee leave or humanitarian protection or an EEA national with limited leave to remain under Appendix EU

If the applicant is the sponsor’s parent or grandparent, the applicant cannot be in a relationship with a partner other than when the partner of the applicant is also the sponsor’s parent or grandparent, and they are also applying to come to the UK with them.

Eligibility for adult-dependent relative visa

If the following is true for the applicant, he/she may be eligible to apply for an adult-dependent relative visa:
 Requires long-term personal care as a result of age, illness, or disability to perform everyday tasks;
 Care needed can only be provided physically by their close relative in the UK;
 The required level of care is unavailable in their home country despite being provided practical and financial help by their sponsor;
 No one in their country could reasonably provide the care needed or the care is not affordable;
 The sponsor should be able to provide the evidence of income or savings for 6 months or is self-employed;
 Can be adequately maintained, accommodated, and cared for in the UK                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Has no pending criminal conviction or fall for refusal under the suitability reuirement.


How to apply?

You can follow the below steps when applying for an adult-dependent relative visa:
 Fill out the adult-dependent relative visa application online. And pay the fee of £3250 for the application.


How can we help?

If you are applying for an adult-dependent relative (ADR) visa for the first time or your ADR visa application has been refused, we can help you in both situations. Our team of specialist immigration advisers who can help you make a successful ADR application, and if your ADR visa application has been refused, you may challenge the decision and deal with the Home Office on your behalf.
All you need to do is to call us on 02034111261 and discuss your circumstances with us for us to advise you further.


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