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Who can apply for a sponsor licence?

A company or an organization in the UK  or outside the UK (if applying for Global Mobility Route) looking to employ foreign workers (paid and unpaid like running a charity) must apply for a UK sponsor license. Foreign workers include citizens of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland who arrived in the UK on or after 1 January 2021. 

What is a sponsor licence? 

A sponsor license is required for any organization that wants to employ foreign workers. Such an organization nee


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What is Civil Partnership Visa

If you are a non-British national and you have a civil partner who is “present and settled” which means that they are British citizen or has a settled status in the UK, i.e. one with indefinite leave to remain in the UK or limited leave to remain under Appendix EU or Appendix ECAA, refugee or with humantarian protection you can join your partner in the UK. You may apply for UK civil partner visa


What is a civil partnership? 

A civil partnership is a relationship between couples who


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Long Residence ILR - A complete overview

After an applicant has lived in the UK for a continuous lawful period of 10 years, they can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK on the basis of Long residence. Indefinite leave to remain is also known as 'settlement'. If you are granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), you are allowed to live in the UK as long as you wish without any immigration control. You can also work and study in the UK if you have ILR status. 

The rules of counting continuous residence are pretty strict. How


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Scale Up Visa - Sponsored and Unsponsored Routes

The scale up visa started from 22 August 2022 and requires the applicant to be sponsored by a sponsor (UK company) holding a Temporary Worker Licence - Scale Up Business.  

The Scale Up Business is a business which has grown their employees or  business turnover by 20% each year in the last 3 years and had 10 employees at the start of the 3 years period.  

The Scale Up Business needs to provide the applicant with a Certificate of Sponsorship for at least 6 months. The applicant should be i


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The New Appendix Private Life

The Appendix Private Life was brought into the immigration rules in March 2022. The new rules are replace paragraph 276 ADE of the Immigration Rules. Any application made based on private Life on or after June 20 2022, will be considered under the new Appendix Private Life.    

Private life route for leave to remain and indefinite leave to remain stands unchanged.  

The applications for Leave to remain, or permission to stay under the private life route are based on:  

  1. children under

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Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence

A UK-based business that wants to recruit foreign employees for its organization needs a sponsor license granted by the UK Home Office.  

However, you don’t need a UK sponsor licence to employ Irish citizens, those with settled or pre-settled status under the EU settlement scheme and those with indefinite leave to remain in the UK.   

Requirements for sponsor license  

To get a sponsor license, your business needs to meet the following requirements:  

  • Your organization must have a

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PIP and UK Partner Visa

A partner visa is for non-British individual who has a partner who is a British citizen, is settled in the UK or has a pre-settled or settled status under the EU settlement scheme. However, some eligibility requirements must be met by the applicant and the sponsor (partner in the UK). One of them is to meet financial needs.   

If you or your partner in the UK are in receipt of PIP (Personal Independence Payment) you do not need to meeting the financial requirements rather you need to meet the


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UK Fiancé Visa

All non-British nationals who want to enter the UK to marry their British partner, have pre-settled status, or are present and settled in the UK can apply for a UK Fiancé visa. UK Fiancé visa is a short-term visa valid for up to 6 months. However, visas can also be extended. The applicant must be sponsored by their partner in the UK, who is known as a sponsor.  

Eligibility requirements 

You must meet the following eligibility requirements in 2022 if you want to apply for a-

UK Fiancé v


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UK Spouse Visa

A non-British citizen with a spouse or a partner who is a British citizen or holds indefinite leave to remain in the UK or has a permanent right of residence in the UK can apply for a UK spouse visa to join their UK partner. Your partner must sponsor you to bring you to the UK. You are granted a stay in the UK on a UK Spouse visa for two years and nine months. You can also apply for an extension of your UK spouse visa before the granted period ends.   

Eligibility for UK spouse visa

Your p


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Youth Mobility Scheme

Youth mobility scheme UK is a short-term visa for up to 2 years that allows foreign nationals aged 18 and 30 to study, work or live in the UK. Applicants from participating countries only can apply for this visa. The Youth Mobility scheme is going to replace T5 (Temporary Worker) Each year, each participating country gets an annual allocation, and the yearly budgets are like this: 

  • Australia - 30,000 places 

  • New Zealand - 13,000 places 

  • Canada - 6,000 places 


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