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Exceptional circumstances on Family Applications

When you are unable to meet one or all immigration, financial, accommodation, and English language requirements as a partner or parent when applying for leave to enter or remain in the UK, your visa application will be refused in usual circumstances, unless there are exceptional circumstances, on basis of which leave to remain or UK entry clearance may be granted.

Immigration rules for exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances mean that refusal to leave to enter or leave to remain ...

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Switching to Skilled worker Visa

A skilled Worker visa allows individuals to work in the UK with an approved UK employer. The Skilled Worker Visa has replaced the Tier 2 (General) Work visa. You can also switch to a Skilled Worker visa if you are already in the UK on any other valid visa except short term visas such as visit visas, short term student visas, Parent of a child student visa, Seasonal worker visa, holding leave outside the rules and domestic worker in a private household visa.

Switching to Skilled Worker visa from


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Representative of Overseas Business

The UK is an excellent destination for businesses. If you also wish to set up a branch or register your business in the UK, you can do so. If you are a senior team member of a non-UK company or a sole representative of a non-UK company, you can apply for a Sole Representative visa to come to the UK to set up a UK branch or wholly-owned subsidiary. You can also apply for a Sole Representative visa if you are an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency, or broadcasting organization and you ...

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How to Establish Sole Responsibility for a child

If both parents of a child are already in the UK or relocating to the UK, they can bring their children to the UK. The immigration rules permit this, provided the child or children are below the age of 18 and can be adequately maintained and accommodated in the UK by their parents. However, if only one parent of a child is in the UK or going to be in the UK while the other parent will remain abroad, such parents can bring their child or children to the UK by proving that they are solely respons...

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British passport for children born outside the UK

Children born outside the UK can acquire British citizenship by descent depending upon when you were born and your parent's status at the time of your birth, you can apply for a British passport.

British by descent

If your father or mother or both were born in the UK and one of them or both were British citizens, then you will be a British citizen regardless of where you were born. If you were born outside the UK, you are classified as British by descent, and this means you can automatically a...

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Sponsor Licence - What you need to know

If you are a UK based company or an organisation and want non-UK employees in your organisation, you need a sponsor license. You can employ most foreign workers through a sponsor license, including Skilled Visa Workers. From 1 January 2021, you need a sponsor licence to hire EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals who arrived in the UK after 31 December 2020. The Home Office grants sponsor licenses to such organisations only, showing the roles they are recruiting for, workers they are looking to sponsor ...

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Why Visitor Visas are refused

When you intend to visit the UK for a short period (up to 6 months) for various purposes such as tourism, business, study, medical treatment etc., you can apply for a UK Visitor Visa. Before you apply for a UK Visitor Visa, you need to do the following: 1. Whatever you plan to do in the UK, you should check if it is allowed as a visitor; 2. You should check whether you meet the eligibility requirements or not; and 3. Check whether you need to apply for a visa or not. If you need to apply for...

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Partner and Spouse Visa Requirements

Partner or Spouse visa is a visa type under the UK Family Visa category. One can apply for a Spouse or Partner visa to join their partner in the UK. Applicants must have a genuine relationship with their UK partners. To apply as a partner or spouse, you and your partner both need to be 18 or over.

Who can be your partner in the UK?

The first thing is that you can be a partner if you are a spouse, civil partner and fiance, proposed civil partner of a British citizen, or someone with settled ...

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How to present a UK Visitor Visa

The most common mistake people make when presenting their application for a UK visitor visa is that they never provide a clear picture of their finances. UK Visitor Visa is a short-term visa that allows you to come and stay in the UK for up to 6 months. You can visit the UK for various purposes such as holiday, meeting your family, study, medical treatment etc. The requirements for all the visitor visas are provided under Appendix V of the Immigration Rules The general eligibility requirements...

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Domestic Violence ILR Requirements

If you are in the UK on a spouse visa, civil partnership visa or unmarried partner visa and you are a victim of domestic violence, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain as a victim of domestic violence. You could use ILR to settle permanently in the UK as a victim of domestic violence only if your relationship with your partner broke down due to domestic violence.

What is domestic violence?

Any incident or pattern of incidents in which one is suffering controlling, coercive, threatening...

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