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Ways to meet the financial requirement - Appendix FM

One who applies for entry clearance, leave to remain, or indefinite leave to remain in the UK as a partner or dependent child of a person who is a British Citizen or has settled status in the UK or is in the UK with refugee leave or humanitarian protection needs to meet the financial requirement

Who needs to meet the financial requirement?

Those applying for Family life as a partner or Family life as a child of a person with limited leave as a partner need to meet the financial requirement. Th...

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Sponsoring an overseas worker

Overseas workers who wish to come to the UK for work need to get a certificate of sponsorship from their UK employer. A UK employer first needs to get a sponsor license to issue a certificate of sponsorship. Overseas worker means workers from outside the UK including citizens of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland coming to the UK after 31 December 2020.

Sponsoring overseas workers

A UK-based organization can employ overseas workers on a specific job role. For this purpos...

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Best interest of children

Article 3(1) of the United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states “In all actions concerning the child, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institution, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration…” The UK also lifted its reservation to follow the UN Convention on the best interest of children a decade ago which means that the UK also has immigration rules and treaties wit...

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The new asylum system

The UK allows refugees to seek asylum in the country that enables them to stay in the UK. To seek asylum in the UK, you must leave your country and also be unable to go back because you fear a possible persecution.

Eligibility under the current system

If you feel unsafe in any part of your country because you have a fear of persecution, you can seek refugee status in the UK. Persecution maybe because of the following reasons: · Nationality · Race · Religion · Political opinion · There m...

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Genuine and subsisting relationship requirement

No one wants to live away from their life partner or would be a life partner. The UK's immigration law allows such foreign individuals to join their spouse and partners who happen to be British citizen or have settled status in the UK. If an applicant applies for a UK spouse visa, civil partner visa, fiancé visa or unmarried partner visa he/she needs to meet certain eligibility and suitability requirements. One of the key eligibility requirements is that your relationship with your spouse or par...

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Visitor Visa refused with 10 years ban

UK visitor visa is a short-term visa that allows applicants to come to the UK for a period of up to 6 months for various purposes such as visiting your family, holiday, medical treatment, doing a short course of study, for certain business activities etc. However, there are various reasons why your visa application may be refused.

Visitor visa refusal

There may be several reasons why your visitor visa may be refused. If your applications are found to be not meeting the suitability and eligib...

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Exceptional Circumstances - Appendix FM

Appendix FM mentions the immigration rules since 9 July 2012 that when a non-British wish to join their family member in the UK. It states that an applicant is required to meet the financial requirement who is looking to apply to enter, remain in the UK based on family life as a partner or a dependent child of an individual who is a British citizen or has settled status in the UK or is in the UK with refugee leave or on the humanitarian protection ground. However, there are exceptional circumsta...

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Skilled Worker Migration

A skilled worker route is a way for UK employers to recruit foreign workers in specific job roles by offering them a job and certificate of sponsorship. The skilled worker route has replaced the Tier 2 (General) work visa and it allows talented workers to migrate to the UK in a job role that matches their skill set. An applicant needs to receive a job offer by a Home Office approved sponsoring organization in the UK.

Point-Based System

A skilled worker visa requires certain number of points ...

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Getting a Sponsor Licence and Sponsoring a Worker

Tier 2 (General) visa has been replaced by a Skilled Worker Visa. This has been done with the purpose to bring more skilled workers to the UK labour force. However, for a UK organization, it is still required to get a valid sponsor license to hire overseas workers. Getting a sponsor license requires the applicant company to meet the required conditions and then apply for it correctly.

Types of sponsor licence

There are 2 types of sponsor license. One is the Skilled worker visa license and the ...

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Changes to UK's immigration rules 4 March 2021

On March 4 new changes to the UK's immigration rules came into the light. In this article, we have tried to bring some of the important changes for you.

Introduction of the Graduate Route

From July 1, 2021, a new Graduate Route will be open for applicants. Applicants mean international students who have completed a course at the bachelor's degree level or a higher level in their country. Students coming to the UK on a Graduate route will be granted a 2-year visa. They will be able to work or...

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