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UK Skilled worker rules and guidance

Looking to come to the UK for work? The UK welcomes skilled workers from across the world. However, there are going to be new skilled worker rules in place. So far there has been free movement for all EU and EEA citizens coming to the UK. Come January 1, 2021, the free movement of people between the UK and EU is going to end as a result of Brexit. The UK is launching a new immigration system in which everyone outside the UK will be treated equally. This applies to employers in the UK and all non...

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British Citizen by Naturalisation

What is a British Citizen by Naturalisation? The British Nationality Act 1981 (BNA 1981) offers each individual above the age of 18 with Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or Permanent Residence in the UK an opportunity to become a British citizen by Naturalisation. There are many benefits of being or becoming a British Citizen. One can live and work in the UK without any immigration control whatsoever after becoming a British Citizen. The applicants have to meet other eligibility requirements too...

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Guide to apply for the UK civil partnership visa

UK civil partnership visa is for those individuals who are non-UK citizens but are in a civil partnership with a person who is a British Citizen or has indefinite leave to remain in the UK or has the right of abode. Such non-UK individuals can apply for the UK civil partnership visa to join and live with their partners in the UK. UK civil partnership visa or UK marriage visa provides civil partners or spouses of British citizens an entry to the UK for a specified period of time. Applicants or th...

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How to apply for the UK visit visa

UK visit visa or Standard visitor visa is for those who wish to come to the UK for a short duration for up to 6 months. The purpose of the visit can be a holiday, visiting family members, medical treatment, or any other reason such as business, study, or work. Earlier there were different visa categories for each of these purposes but now all short term visas such as Family visitor visa, Child visitor visa, General visitor visa and Sports visitor visa have been replaced by a single UK visit visa...

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Hong Kong BN(O) Visa

In the month of May 2020, the Chinese communist party imposed the "National Security Law" in Hong Kong. This has been seen by the UK as a violation of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong. The UK sees it as an act of undermining the "one country, two systems" existing in China. In the wake of this, the UK has decided to open a new immigration route called Hong Kong BN(O) visa to the BN(O) citizens. This new Hong Kong BN(O) visa will be launched from January 2021.

Who is a BN(O


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Sponsor Licence Revocation

An organisation that wishes to employ an individual, who is not a British National, does not have ILR, or is not an EU national will require a sponsor licence to sponsor the individual in order to work with them in the UK. Such sponsorship can be gained under Tier 2 or Tier 5 routes. However, there are various responsibilities attached to the sponsor licence and if an organization fails to meet them, they will have to face sponsor license suspension and then revocation.

How to avoid sponso


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ILR Qualifying Criteria

Indefinite Leave to Remain or ILR allows a non-British individual to live in the UK indefinitely without any immigration control. If you have already spent a certain time living in the UK in a category which leads to ILR, you can apply for ILR to settle in the UK if you meet all the qualifying criteria. Once granted Indefinite Leave To Remain, you can live, work, and study in the UK without any restrictions. ILR also allows you to apply for British Citizenship once you meet all the eligibilit...

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Applying for UK Spouse Visa

If you want to enter and live with your spouse/partner in the UK you will need to apply for the partner visa also known as UK Spouse Visa. UK Spouse Visa is a category under the UK family visas allowing non-British spouses/partners to come to the UK and join their married or civil partners who are either British citizens or have settled in the UK or have refugee status or have protection on humanitarian grounds in the UK.

Eligibility for UK spouse visa

You and your partner need to meet certa...

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Things you should know about Entrepreneur visa extension

An applicant can apply for an extension under the Entrepreneur category until 5th April 2023 if you are already in the UK on a UK entrepreneur visa. If you have lived for a sufficient enough period in the UK and meet other eligibility conditions then you can apply for UK settlement under this route until 5th April 2025. However, those looking to make a new application for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa cannot do so as this visa category is closed for new applications from March 2019 and this visa h...

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Challenging deportation

“Deportation” means enforcing the removal of a foreigner from a country. So, the UK Home Office may enforce the removal of an individual for the public good especially when that individual is served a criminal sentence in the UK. A court can also issue a deportation order against an individual. If the Home Office decides to issue a deportation order, you will be informed in writing by the Home Office if it wants you to leave the UK.

 Who can be deported?

Any person in the UK can be deported if...

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