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2014 10 SEP

Your leave can be curtailed by the UK Visa and Immigration

Your leave can be curtailed by the UK Visa and Immigration

New guidance on curtailment has been published on 10 Sep 2014. The caseworker will consider curtailment under paragraph 323(i) of the Immigration Rules with reference to paragraph 322(2), if they find that in a previous application for leave to enter or remain under the Immigration Rules, that the applicant -

has made a false representation, such as providing a false document, or
did not disclose information that they should have provided.

In this context a ‘previous application’ means one that has already been considered and decided, rather than one that is currently being considered and has not yet been decided. This will give right to the UK Visa and Immigration to even curtail your Indefinite leave to Remain or take away your British passport.

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