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2013 05 JUL

UK immigration inspector says UKBA ignored police data on missing asylum seekers

UK immigration inspector says UKBA ignored police data on missing asylum seekers

The UK's chief inspector of immigration, John Vine, has issued a final damning report into the workings of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) which was abolished in March 2013. He found that, while there had been improvements in the organisation's systems for finding asylum seekers in its final months, it continued to ignore important data right up until the end.
Mr Vine has been the UK's chief inspector of immigration since 2008. He was recently reappointed and will stay in his position until July 2015. He is considered by the Home Affairs Committee, a committee of MPs which oversees the work of the Home Office, to have been successful in discovering inefficiency and bad practice in the UK's immigration authorities
In November 2012, Mr Vine's office issued a report into the working of the UKBA's handling of 'legacy asylum cases'. These were asylum claims which had been 'lost' by the UKBA and left undecided, often for many years. In 2006, an internal review in the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office, which then handled UK immigration, had uncovered some 450,000 such cases which had not been dealt with. The UKBA was established in 2008 and instructed to clear this backlog by 2011.
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