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2013 04 MAR

Tier 5 (Youth mobility scheme)

Tier 5 (Youth mobility scheme)
The countries and territories participating in the scheme, and the number of places or certificates of
sponsorship allocated to them for 2013, are:
Australia - 35,000 places
Canada - 5,500 places
Japan - 1,000 places
Monaco - 1,000 places
New Zealand - 10,000 places
Republic of Korea - 1,000 places (certificates of sponsorship)
Taiwan - 1,000 places (certificates of sponsorship)
The applicants need to be between ages of 18 to 31 Years. Once the applicants have fulfilled the
maintenance requirement of £600.00 they are right away eligible to come to the UK. Please note
that UKBA has strict standards of acceptable documents, which if not provided can amount to


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