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2017 05 APR

Tier 2 Immigration Skill Charge

From 6 April 2017, the Immigration Skill Charge will apply to both the Tier 2 'General’ and ‘Intra-company Transfer’ categories and where applications are submitted from outside the UK or inside the UK.  There will be exemption applicable on extending existing Tier 2 visa for the migrant that was sponsored before 6 April 2017 and is applying from inside the UK to extend their Tier 2 stay with the same or different sponsor.  Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) Graduate Trainees, a Tier 2 migrant to do a specified PhD level occupation, a Tier 4 student visa holder in the UK switching to a Tier 2 (General) visa, Tier 2 family members (‘dependants’). The skills charge will be for each Certificate of Sponsorship per year. A reduced charge of £364 per Certificate of Sponsorship per year will apply to small or charitable sponsors. This charge is in addition to all other application fees. As such, sponsoring a migrant under Tier 2 for five years will attract £5,000 charge if with a large sponsor (or £1,820 if they are with a small or charitable sponsor). This fee will be payable upfront and for the total period of time covered by the Certificate of Sponsorship assigned.

There may be a refund applicable if the migrant fails to take up the post, or partially refunded if the period of sponsorship ends earlier than expected.



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