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2019 27 FEB

The New Immigration Routes 2019

There has been a white paper published by the Home Office on new immigration routes to be introduced and the future of the UK Immigration System will have new routes as: 

Skilled Workers           

  • There will be a new route for skilled workers.
  • In line with the recommendation of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), the Home Office will be widening the skilled route to encompass those at medium skill level – any job above RQF 3 (essentially, A-level and above). This is most likely to be covered under the Tier 2 Route.
  • In line with the MAC recommendations, there will be no cap on numbers and no requirement to undertake a resident labour market test, but there will be a minimum salary threshold.
  • Businesses and employers will be consulted on the salary threshold.
  • The skilled route will be a sponsored route - i.e. the migrant will be linked to a particular employer.

Temporary Workers

  • We will create a Temporary Worker route, as a transitional measure.
  • This is an important safety valve for the economy. It gives businesses and employers time to adapt – to further invest in the skills of UK workers and in productivity.
  • This will enable nationals of low-risk countries to come for a maximum of 12-months to work at any skill level, to be followed by a further 12 month cooling off period.
  • This will be an unsponsored and uncapped route. People coming under this route will have no rights to access public funds, settle or bring dependants.
  • Operation of this route will be kept under review and be fully reviewed in 2025.
  • In line with the MAC’s advice, Home Office are not planning to put in place sectoral schemes, other than possibly for agriculture. Home Office is launching a Season Agricultural Workers pilot this spring.

The New Post Study Worker Visa

  • There will continue to be no limit on the numbers of genuine international students wanting to study in the UK.
  • There will be a single system for international students of all nationalities. We will want to test academic ability, funds, and English language, but do so in as light-touch a way as possible.
  • The MAC recommended some extension of post-study leave periods which we will implement: master’s students will get six months and Ph.D. students will get a year.

The bill is currently in front of parliament and we should have the new immigration rules introduced soon. 

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