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2016 08 SEP

No PBS system for the EU Migrant

Theresa May has rejected point based system for EU Nationals, because she knew that wouldn’t bring the change she actually wants in the UK. Although she supported remaing in the EU but on the ground that Brexit vote must not be aborted but respected as it was chosen by the people.

She added that the Government should be more vigilant of who comes into the country. Also the checking student visas has been of a greater help to reduce immigration.

However, she dismissed the vote of allowing skilled and unskilled workers to come in to the UK every year from the EU who may wish because, if this happens obviously anybody would come into the UK freely if they met the requirements.

May also rejected a point-based system because she believes there are other issues to look into, not just bringing people into the UK but preventing and bringing out the rate of crime and abuse that will increase in the UK by illegal people.

Thus it is to see what will be the next phase of UK Immigration after the end of EU negotiations. 


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