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2016 22 APR

New Proposed fee for Immigration Appeals

The Government is proposing to increase court fees for Immigration Appeals - 

First Tier Tribunal:

Paper Appeal - £80.00 would go upto £490.00

Oral Appeal - £140.00 would go upto £800.00

Should your appeal be dismissed and you intend to appeal to the Upper Tier Tribunal a fee of £455.00 may be applicable to seek permission to appeal to the Upper Tier Tribunal from First Tier Tribunal. 

Upper Tier Tribunal: 

In order to Seek permission from the Upper Tier Tribunal to Appeal it may cost you £350.00 and if your permission is is allowed you will need to pay £510.00 for appeal.

If you want to lodge an appeal please make a decision quick to beat the likely increase. You can contact our team on 02034111261.


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