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2024 05 MAR

New E-Visas 31 December 2024

Expiry date of BRP on 31 December 2024 –  New E-Visas

All the BRP/BRC cards will be expiring on 31 December 2024 and after this date the UK Government intends to bring in a E Visa for all visa holders. You will be required to create an account and register yourself on the platform and people with BRP or BRC will be allowed to submit the application using their passports. The e-visa will be an online document which will be connected to your passport.

You will need to update your passports in the event you get a new passport. Your email and phone numbers will also be linked to your e-visa account.

If you wish to add a representative to your account you will be allowed to do this as the representative will be able to register all the details on your behalf.

The Home Office will be announcing more information in connection with the E-Visas throughout 2024 and we should soon start receiving more information on when the scheme will start operating.

You can find more information here


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