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2016 16 FEB

New Draft of EU Rules may end the Surinder Singh Route

Since the changes to the Immigration Rules in July 2012 a lot of British spouses were using the Surinder Singh route to avoid the £18600.00 earnings. The new draft deal has been prepared to stop possible "abuse of free movement rights". Critics have argued that the current existing Immigration Rules penalise around 43% of the UK population, in particular mothers with young children. 

The families challenged the minimum income threshold requirement and the final appeal is set to be heard at the Supreme Court on Monday. 

“People are panicking,” Mehta said of the draft deal. “It is yet another way to target families. And British citizens feel upset because this is driven by their own government. And this draft could close down another window when the door is already bolted shut.”

It rather appears from the rules that monetary value has been placed on peoples family lives and their relationship when money is in fact a human creation. 

Source@the guardian 

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