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2016 16 SEP

Justice will be expensive for Immigrants

The Government is to press ahead with increase of up to 500% court fee for Immigration and Asylum Cases in the United Kingdom.

The new fee rise will result in £140.00 court fee to be £800.00. The first time for appeals to the upper tribunal: £350 for applications and £510 for the appeal hearing.

It is unclear why the Government is only finding money through the pockets of Immigration and still do not want Immigrants in the UK. It rather appears that the poor people will never be able to afford the fee for justice as it has been seen from many decisions of the Entry Clearance Officers and the Home Office that mistakes are made and the ultimate sufferer is the Immigrant making the application which are not considered properly even though a high fee is being paid for proper consideration to the Home Office.  

Finally the only thing happening is – unfairness being compounded by unfairness.

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