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2017 18 MAY

Immigration after election under the New Conservative Government

Thanks to freemovement for bringing the conservative manifesto for 2017 (  and what it does changes for immigration. We can see that the new conservative Government if they come into power, are likely to make following changes - 

  • The minimum earnings threshold for sponsoring family members will be increased: page 54 of the manifesto. It is already at £18,600, far in excess of earnings on the minimum wage and particularly hard to meet for those outside London or who might be an ethnic minority, female or young. The intention and effect: more and more separated families.
  • Immigration Skills Charge to be doubled so that employers of skilled workers from outside the EU will need to pay £2,000 per year per worker on top of the costs of sponsorship licences: page 20. It will become too expensive to employ foreign workers, British workers are not available, businesses cannot grow, the economy is harmed, and we are all poorer.
  •  Immigration Health Surcharge to be tripled to £600 for workers and £450 for students. Presumably, that figure is per year. This is intended to deter people from coming to the UK and encourage them to go elsewhere.
  •  Student visa rules to be tightened yet further to reduce student numbers: page 54.
  •  Students will have to leave at end of course unless meet new higher requirements to stay on and work: page 54.
  •  Students will remain within net migration target: page 54.
  •   Migration from the EU will be reduced and controlled but “skilled workers” will still be able to enter: page 55.
  •   Unspecified “entitlements” of EU nationals in the UK will supposedly be protected: page 34.

It appears that Immigrants are being looked as the cash cows, however, even after paying such a high fee there is no guarantee whether you will be able to get a successful outcome on your application.  

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