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2023 25 JUL

EUSS Changes to the Rules

EUSS Changes to the Rules

There are some beneficial changes to the EUSS rules.

The Home Office is making new arrangements, where people with a Pre-Settled Status will automatically be extended for a period of 2 years when they are approaching their expiry date. This will be applicable from September 2023.  

The approach is being brought into place so that the pre-settled status holders do not lose their immigration status because they have not made an application for their settlement under the EUSS. Their pre-settled will also continue even where the applicant has made an application for settled status and are awaiting decision.

Automatic Switching to Settled Status

The Home Office is planning to bring in automatic switching to settled status for people holding pre-settled status, this is likely to come into place somewhere in 2024. The applicants will no longer need to apply for the settled status and the checks to confirm continuous residence will be carried out against the Government held information.

Details will be published once the changes are brought into place.

In the meantime, applicants should continue to make applications for their settled status once they have completed 5 years of residence in the UK.

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