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2016 24 JUN

Brexit – What happens next

Brexit – What happens next?

The United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union. Being an Immigration firm our view for the people from EU living and working in the United Kingdom should either register themselves in the United Kingdom as a worker. If you have been in the United Kingdom for over 5 years then you should apply for Permanent Residence to avoid uncertainty in future.

David Cameroon has decided to step down as a prime minister and a new prime minister will take over. Once a new PM is appointed he will give a notice to the EU under Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which is basically a notice period of two years to re-negotiate trade and other agreements with the EU.

The United Kingdom will need to repeal the 2006 EEA Regulation and come up with new law for the EU nationals. It is a possibility that the Immigration Rules will come into force for the EU nationals.

Therefore to avoid uncertainty of your future you need to act now and secure your residence in the United Kingdom.

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