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2015 15 MAY

BREAKING NEWS: Today the Immigration Bill 2014 has became law.

BREAKING NEWS: Today the Immigration Bill 2014 has became law. The Immigration Bill 2014 is the most restrictive and onerous piece of legislation ever passed in the UK Immigration History. 
We have summarised below its effects.
1. Number of UK visa appeals is reduced from 17 to 4. That means there is no more spouse visa, ILR, Work permit, dependant relative appeals unless it is an Asylum case. 
2. While the appeal is ongoing you might be deported and you can follow up the appeal from your home country.
3. The private landlords will have to check the immigration status before they rent the property to an individual
4. Home Office will be able to retain the passports to those individuals who are naturalized in the UK and their presence in the UK is not in the public good
5. There will be administrative review only for most of the cases refused
6. Tougher regime on sham marriages and civil partnerships

We strongly suggest that you seek legal advice before you decide to make an application for leave to remain or enter as only one refusal might jeopardise your whole Immigration History .

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