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Why Visitor Visas are refused

When you intend to visit the UK for a short period (up to 6 months) for various purposes such as tourism, business, study, medical treatment etc., you can apply for a UK Visitor Visa. Before you apply for a UK Visitor Visa, you need to do the following: 1. Whatever you plan to do in the UK, you should check if it is allowed as a visitor; 2. You should check whether you meet the eligibility requirements or not; and 3. Check whether you need to apply for a visa or not. If you need to apply for a UK Visitor Visa, you can apply online.

Reasons for Visitor Visa refusal

When you apply for a UK Visitor Visa, UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) looks at whether you meet the eligibility and suitability conditions or not. The application will be assessed based on the information you have given in the online form, the supporting documents and/or during the visa interview. If you fail to meet the eligibility and suitability conditions, your application for UK Visitor Visa will be usually refused. For example, if the activity you are planning to do in the UK is not permissible under this route or you have breached the UK immigration rules in the past, or your financials are unclear, your visa application will be refused.

Eligibility requirements

You must demonstrate that you are a genuine visitor and a real visitor satisfies the following to the UKVI. a. You will stay for a short period of up to 6 months and intends to leave the UK at the end of the stay. b. You will not visit the UK through successive or frequent visits or make the UK his primary home. c. Your purpose of the visit is allowed through a Visitor visa. d. You will be able to manage his finances independently without accessing public funds during his stay in the UK, including the cost of return or onward journey.

Suitability requirements

UKVI can refuse your application for lack of meeting suitability requirements. There are some mandatory grounds of refusal and some discretionary grounds assessed by UKVI for denying a UK Visitor Visa. For example, if you are currently the subject of a deportation order, it becomes a mandatory ground for UKVI to refuse your visa. On the other hand, if UKVI believes that your exclusion from the UK is in the interest ofthe public good because of your conduct, character, or other reasons, it is undesirable to grant your visa application. This is a type of discretionary ground for the refusal of visas. If you have been convicted of a criminal offence for which you have been sentenced to imprisonment of: a. at least four years; or b. Between 1 and 4 years, unless at least ten years have passed since the end of the sentence; or c. Less than one year, unless at least five years have passed since the end of the sentence.

Other common reasons for refusal of UK Visitor Visa

  •  If you are found to have submitted false information in the past by way of representation or fraudulent documents or where you did not disclose material facts.
  • If you are found to have breached UK immigration law in the past. For example, you overstayed or breached a condition attached to your leave.
  • If you fail to submit required documents in support of your application, such as a valid travel document to prove your nationality and identity to the UKVI.
  • If you have failed to pay NHS charges of a total value of at least £500, or you have been unable to produce any litigation costs awarded to the Home Office.
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