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What to Do if Your UK Visitor Visa is Refused

You may apply for a UK Visitor Visa for meeting your family, holiday trip, and medical treatment, short-term course, marrying or entering a civil partnership, participating in any sports, musical or other events and so on. When you apply for the visa, you must be careful in providing all the required documents in properly required formats. You must not leave any chance so that your visa application gets refused. This is because if your visa application is refused then all the time and money you spent on it, will be wasted and will tarnish your immigration history. Also your opportunity to visit the UK is gets jeopardized. So basically, what to do if your UK visit visa is refused?

Options if your UK Visit Visa is refused

In case your UK visitor visa is refused then you have 3 choices:
  1. You can reapply for the visa.
  2. You can appeal on human rights grounds.
  3. You can challenge the decision via judicial review

1. Reapplying for a UK visitor visa

 In certain circumstances, it is better to reapply because this is the simplest, less time consuming and cost-effective option if your Visitor Visa application has been refused.  If you filled in application form incorrectly or you have not supplied the correct supporting documents then you should go for this option as it makes sense. But it costs you moneywise and you also need to wait again so to avoid such situation you need to ensure your application is correct. For this you should seek instruction from an experienced immigration lawyer or an even better option is to ask them to make the application for you. They are experts and they will explain to you exactly what documents you need to include along with your application.

2. Appealing on human rights grounds

 Since 2013 no full right of appeal is possible against visa refusal and refusals for UK Standard Visitor Visas can only be appealed on the basis of human rights grounds. So, you are suggested to ensure that when you apply for the UK visit visa, if possible, grounds for a human rights appeal are present in your application. If you fail to include human rights grounds then you may have to spend a great deal of time and money on an appeal, only for the judge to rule that there are no human rights grounds existing allowing you to make a legitimate appeal in the first place.

3. Challenging the decision via judicial review

 Going for Judicial review is also a choice as it is a process by which the courts in the UK exercise a supervisory jurisdiction over the exercise of public functions by public bodies.  However, you cannot exercise judicial review in all situations. It can only be used when all other avenues have been exhausted by you. Judicial review is also an expensive and complex process which is available to one only on specific grounds like illegality, irrationality and any unfairness in following procedures. If you plan to go for a judicial review case, then you must seek the advice of an expert immigration lawyer because they can advise you the best about the course of action you need to take. If your visitor visa has been refused contact Visa and Migration for best UK Immigration Advice....

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