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UK Visa Refusals Under 320 (7A) of the Immigration Rules

UK immigration rules have some grounds that outline mandatory refusal of UK entry clearance refusal or UK visa refusal of applicants. These general grounds for the mandatory refusal of visa are set out in UK immigration Rules under paragraph 320. The Immigration Rules Paragraph 320 (7A) States - where false representations have been made or false documents or information have been submitted (whether or not material to the application, and whether or not to the applicant’s knowledge), or material facts have not been disclosed, in relation to the application or in order to obtain documents from the Secretary of State or a third party required in support of the application.   Generally, where an application is refused due to these reasons the applicant is generally banned for 10 years and all subsequent application are refused. This is a serious refusal and should be challenged by why of reapplication or appeal. In our practice, we have managed to turn around such refusal on applications and Appeals.  If you have received a refusal under paragraph 320 (7A) contact one of our Immigration lawyers on 02034111261 or you can email your refusal and your contact details to and one of the lawyers will be in touch with you....

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