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UK Visa Administrative Review: faqs, fees, and processing time

Visa refusal is quite evident in the UK. Hundreds of visa applications are refused every year for various reasons. Once a visa application is refused applicant may have 3 options to exercise. The applicants can apply for  -

  1. A fresh application.
  2. An administrative review and
  3. An appeal.
The applicant is informed about his/her right to go for either administrative review or an appeal in the refusal letter sent from the Home Office.
 UK visa administrative review FAQS 
There are some frequently asked questions related to UK visa administrative review. Let us see them here.  What is an administrative review? Administrative review is a process to seek a review of your visa application conducted by a different home official. You can seek administrative review only if you believe that there is an error in decision making from the Home Office on your visa application despite the submission of all the correct documents. You cannot submit fresh information or documents in this process unless you are asked to. Administrative review applies to point-based visa categories such as Tier1, Tier2, Tier 4 or Tier 5. What is the time limit for an administrative review? If you are outside the UK, you must apply for an administrative review within 28 days of getting a decision on your visa application. If you are in the UK, you must apply within the 14 days of getting the decision.  How much does an administrative review cost? You need to pay £80 as a fee for it if you apply in the UK. You can include any dependent also whose application has been refused with yours at no extra charges. It costs you nothing if you apply from outside the UK. How to apply for Administrative review? You can apply online whether you apply from outside the UK or in the UK. Your refusal letter sent to you will tell you how to apply. Errors that you point out in your application will be checked out.  How long does it take for a decision on Administrative review? You should ideally get a decision on your administrative review application within 28 days. But if it is going to take more than 28 days, you will be notified about the same in writing. Can I stay in the UK? If you apply for an administrative review inside the UK, you can legally stay in the UK for 14 days (time allowed to apply for administrative review) after refusal and after that, you can continue to stay in the UK until your review has been completed. What if my review application is successful? If you get a decision in your favour against your review application, the original decision from the Home Office will be withdrawn. You will be granted leave to remain in the UK with a Biometric Residence Permit visa card. What if my review application is unsuccessful? You can apply for a judicial review within the 3 months of the decision. Can I apply for a second review? No, you cannot apply for a second review unless there are new reasons that come out in the review the process as a ground of visa refusal. Can I withdraw my request? Yes, if you make new immigration or visa application your request for administrative review will be withdrawn. You must apply carefully for administrative review as it involves time and money. You should seek expert’s guidance on it. At visa and migration, we provide full support for making administrative review application. You can contact us if you need an expert’s support.    ...

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