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UK Unmarried Partner Visa for Self-employed

UK unmarried partner visa allows an unmarried non-British person with a partner in the UK who is a British citizen or has settled status in the UK to join and live with their partner in the UK for an initial period of 33 months. Applicants have to meet the eligibility requirements to be able to apply for a UK unmarried partner visa.

UK Unmarried Partner Visa Financial Requirement

You can meet the financial requirement for a UK unmarried visa in the followings ways:

 The minimum annual income of £18,600 for applicants with no children, an extra £3,800 for those with one child, and an extra £2,400 for each subsequent child
 The income you earn from self-employment or as a director of a limited company in the UK
 Cash savings above £16,000
 Pension income
 Income from other non-work sources, such as property rentals or dividend income
 If your partner receives certain benefits such as carer’s allowance and disability living allowance.


UK Unmarried Partner Visa for Self-employed

You can rely on income from self-employment to fulfil the financial requirement of a UK unmarried partner visa.


Self-employment under the Immigration Rules

Self-employment income under the UK immigration rules is when you or your partner is one of the following:

 A sole trader where the business is owned and controlled by one person;
 In a partnership where the business is owned and controlled by two or more people; or
 Running a franchise using an established business model
 A director or other employee (or both) of a specified limited company
You can also rely on income from the self-employment of your partner if they work overseas and they are returning to the UK with you as the applicant.
Self-employment must be ongoing at the date of application.


Combine Income from Self-employment with Other Forms of Income

To meet the financial requirement of a UK unmarried partner visa, you cannot combine self employment income with other income, unless it is a part of your self assessment.

Documents to Provide as Evidence of Income from Self-employment as a Sole Trader, Partner or a Franchise

If you or your partner is a sole trader, partner, or in a franchise, you must submit the following documents:

 Annual self-assessment tax returns (SA300/SA302),
 Proof of registration with HMRC as self-employed,
 Evidence of your Unique Tax Reference number,
 Business and personal bank statements for the full period of the last year or two years, whichever you rely upon

You must also provide documents to prove that your or your partner’s self-employment is ongoing.

You must also provide:
 Audited accounts for the last one or two full financial years as per category F or G (if required)
 A certificate of VAT registration;
 Evidence to show appropriate planning permission or local planning authority consent is held to operate the type/class of business at the trading address (applies if there is a local authority requirement)
 A signed franchise agreement, if applicable

Please note that this is not a complete list of documents and can change according to circumstances of the applicant and their income.

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