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UK Spouse Visa Applications Under FLR(M) and FLR(FP)

Applying for a visa can be very stressful. The applicant must know which form to fill out, how to fill it out and what supporting documents are required. When applying for a UK spouse visa, you need to meet certain requirements in order for your application to be successful. There are different forms to complete depending upon how you are applying. One such form is known as Form FLR (M). This is intended for those who are married to - or a dependent child of - a person settled in the UK and can meet the necessary requirements. The other form is Form FLR (FLP). This is for those who are a partner, parent or dependent child, or are making an application based on their private life in the UK.

Spouse visa applications under FLR (M)

If you are living in the UK on a spouse visa, you can apply for an extension are staying in the UK the maximum duration of your initial visa terms. FLR (M) is an application you can use in order to extend your existing stay in the UK and get a biometric residence permit. You can use this form if you are a partner or dependent child of someone who is settled in the UK. In other words, you would use this form to apply if you're applying as a partner of someone who is already settled in the UK. However, it is important to note that just being married to an English citizen is not enough to be granted this permission. In order to get your spouse visa extended in the UK, you have to meet all necessary requirements. This includes your status in the UK, as well as meeting the financial requirements. If you meet these requirements, you can use the FLR (M) form and - after successful application - will get 2.5 years towards the 5 year partner route. You can use this form if applying in the "family life" category for further leave to remain in the UK, assuming that the following conditions apply:

  1. As the partner of a person present and settled in the UK (2 year route)
  2. As the partner of a person present and settled in the UK (5 year route)
  3. As the partner of a person with refugee leave or a person with humanitarian protection (5 year route)
  4. As the dependent child of a person who has, or is at the same time applying for, limited leave as the partner of a person present and settled in the UK (2 or 5 year route), other than under the points based system or via UK ancestry.


Spouse visa applications under FLR (FP)

An FLR (FP) application stands for Further Leave to Remain (Family and Private Life). This application can be used to apply for the first grant of leave to remain in the UK or for extension of existing leave to remain in the UK.

  1. Family life

Under this category, one gets the right to apply as a partner or parent of a child. This means you can apply for family life as a partner of someone settled in the UK or family life as a parent of child. The child can be British or non-British. If the child is non-British, then the child must have lived in the UK for more than 7 years. One should apply under this route when parents are divorced and the child lives with one of the foreign spouses.

  1. Private life

A private life application uses the same form but this route is designed for people who have spent years in the UK and now want to legalise their stay. If they get approval, then they get a 2.5-year visa in a 10-year route. After 10 years, you can apply to secure your permanent residency.


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