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UK Fiancé Visa, how to prepare your application

UK Fiancé visa is for all applicants who wish to join their partner in the UK who is either a British citizen or has settled status in the UK. UK Fiancé visa allows the applicants to enter and live in the UK for 6 months initially after which they can apply for an extension provided; they get married to their partners in the UK within the 6 months of initial stay.

Preparation of the application for UK fiancé visa

The preparation starts with checking eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements are there at various levels, which we will see here one by one.

Suitability requirement

For any reason such as you are not allowed in the UK by the UK's government or your previous behavior has been such that it is undesirable to grant you a UK visa or your entry to the UK has been found not conducive then you are not fit the suitability requirement. However, suitability requirement affects only a small number of applicants yet it is important to comply. Relationship requirement for UK fiance visa The relationship requirement applies to you (applicant) and your partner in the UK. The requirements are the following:
  1. You and your partner must both be 18 or above.
  2. Your partner must be either a British citizen or settled in the UK.
  3. You need to show that you both intend to get married and live together permanently.
  4. You need to show that your relationship is genuine
  5. You need to show that you will get married to your partner within the 6 months of your granted stay in the UK.
  6. You must have met each other.
  7. If you were in any previous marriage or civil partnership you need to prove that it has ended permanently.

Financial requirements for UK fiance visa

This is related to the savings and income of applicants and their partners put together. The financial requirement means that you need to be able to support yourself or your partner should be able to support both of you through his/her income and/or savings in total. The requirement is like this:
  • If your partner in the UK has a minimum annual income of £18,600 or a savings of £62,500.
  • If there are dependent children, then an annual gross income of £3,800 in addition to the £18,600 is required for the first child and £2,400 for each further child.
  • If your UK partner is a beneficiary of one of the various schemes such as Armed Forces Independence Payment or Guaranteed Income Payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, Attendance Allowance, Carer’s Allowance etc. then you are exempted from meeting the financial requirement.

Accommodation requirement

Accommodation requirement is also important. You need to show that there is good enough accommodation for you, your partner and dependent children (if any) in the UK where you all can live well. Your partner in the UK needs to commit to the fact that he/she can provide you will adequate accommodation in his/her cover letter.

Other requirements

Other requirements include English language and TB test results. You must be able to speak and listen to English. You need to provide evidence in support of your knowledge of the English language. You can do this by passing an approved English language test at CFER Level 'A1'. If you come from a country where it is mandatory to take a Tuberculosis test before coming to the UK then you must have TB test results. Preparing documents After you check the eligibility requirements and you happen to meet them, you need to prepare the necessary documents that are required to be submitted with the application form of a UK Fiancé visa. You need to prepare the following documents:
Your (applicant's) documents
  1. Your current passport or any other valid travel document;
  2. English language test certificate;
  3. TB test certificate (if applicable).

Documents to prove financial eligibility

You need to show documents of your UK partner like a bank statement, salary statement, savings disclosure documents etc. to support you and your partner's ability to meet the financial requirements without needing to access the public funds.

Documents to prove adequate accommodation

Your UK partner's rent agreement, utility bills such as electricity bill, phone bill etc. mentioning the name and residence address of your UK partner. You also need to submit the travel documents to prove that you both have met each other, marriage, and divorce certificates (if applicable).
Taking appointment and visiting visa center
While filling up the application form you should make an appointment at a visa center. You need to take all the requested documents when you visit the visa center. Taking the expert's advice At any stage or for the entire UK Fiancé visa application process you should take experts such as Visa and Migration advice to avoid any difficulty throughout the process. You can also follow us on social media Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube:

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