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How to Apply for a UK Entrepreneur Visa from the UAE

If you are looking to come to the UK from the United Arab Emirates in order to set up a new person, then you will likely be seeking an entrepreneur visa. This allows business people from all over the world - including the UAE - to start a new enterprise in the UK. In order to do so, you would just need the relevant funds - either £50,000 (in regulated funds) or £200,000 (in your own disposable funds). The process for applying for a UK visa from Dubai or any other part of the UAE is similar to applying from many other countries across the globe. If you are a non-UAE national living in the United Arab Emirates you can still apply for a UK in the UAE - assuming that you are legally present. It is also important to note that, while you can apply for a UK visa from inside the UK, you cannot get a UK entrepreneur visa from the UAE embassy in London.

UAE to UK Visa Application Process

There are numerous steps you need to take when applying for an entrepreneur visa from the United Arab Emirates. The process can take a few weeks or more. Unlike other categories of visa, tier 1 visas are not eligible for the super-priority service. This was introduced in 2015 and designed to offer "another option for tourists, business people and students who need to travel to the UK at the last minute" (Philip Parham, the UK's Ambassador to the UAE).  If you are looking to apply on your own, you would need to follow this process:

1. Research your visa type

Each type of visa requires different documentation, and has specific guidelines around eligibility and requirements. For the UK entrepreneur visa, you must meet specific financial requirements when applying from the UAE. You will also need to take what is known as the Genuine Entrepreneur Test. This is where a representative from the Home Office will judge the veracity of your application - including your business plan. This research phase can be tricky when you're based outside the UK in the UAE. Even if applying by yourself online, it is recommended to speak to a reputable immigration adviser in order to ensure you don't make any mistakes.

2. Apply online

When you are using an immigration consultant or completing your own application, you need to apply for a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa from the UAE online. As part of the application, you will need to visit a visa application centre. This is where you have your fingerprints and photograph taken in order to get a biometric residence permit. This, in turn, needs to be collected within 10 days of your arrival in the UK from the UAE. You will also need to pay the immigration healthcare surcharge alongside any other costs associated with your entrepreneur visa application. Getting a UK entrepreneur visa from the UAE offers a large number of benefits, allowing you to set up a business in the UK while also allowing you to bring family members with you. Get in touch with us if you are looking to apply for a UK entrepreneur visa from the United Arab Emirates.


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