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UK Domestic Worker visa

UK Domestic Worker visa allows you to enter the UK with your employer and stay in the UK as a domestic worker in a private household for up to 6 months. You must have worked for your employer for at least one year. Your employer must be a British citizen whose usual place of residence is outside the UK or a foreign citizen who is coming to the UK as a visitor for a short stay.
Those who applied for a UK Domestic Worker visa after 5 April 2012 cannot apply to extend their visa or for the settlement in the UK.


Who is a Domestic Worker?

If you are working as one of the following, you will be considered a domestic worker:
 Cleaners
 Nannies
 Cooks
 Chauffeurs
 Providing personal care for the employer and their family


Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following eligibility requirements for a UK Domestic Worker visa application:

  • You must be 19 years or older
  • You must have worked for your employer for at least one year immediately before applying for a UK Domestic Worker visa
  • You are going to work in the same household where your employer will live or one theyuse regularly
  • You are going to travel to the UK with your employer, their partner, or children
  • You intend to work as a full-time domestic worker in a UK household your employer will live in
  • You must show your plan to leave the UK at the end of 6 months
  • You will be able to support yourself in the UK without the need for public funds

You don’t need a job offer from your employer for a Domestic Worker visa.


Your employer also must meet the following requirements:

  •  They must be either a British citizen or a foreign citizen
  • If they are a British citizen, they must be one who usually lives outside the UK and who does not intend to remain in the UK for more than six months
  • If they are a foreign citizen, they must be the one who is coming to the UK on a visit and who does not intend to remain for more than six months
  • They must pay you at least the national minimum wage.


How to Apply?

You can only apply online for a UK Domestic Worker visa from outside the UK.
You need to have your biometric information (your fingerprints and photograph) taken at a visa application centre.


Documents You Must Provide

You need to provide the following documents as part of your UK Domestic Worker visaapplication:

  • Your current passport or other valid travel identification;
  • Documents such as bank statements or pay slips for the last 12 months to prove that you have been working for the employer for last 12 months – this requirement changes according to circumstances of the applicant;    
  • A completed ‘Appendix domestic worker statement’ signed by you and your employer;
  • A letter from your employer confirming your job title, how long you’ve worked for them, and that you’re a permanent employee

If any document is not in English or Welsh language, you need to provide a certified translation of the same.

You may be required to submit additional documents depending on your circumstances.


What are the Rights of Domestic Workers?

When you apply for a Domestic Worker visa, you should know the rights you are entitled to. Your employer must:

 Pay you the wage agreed upon by both of you, and this must be at least the national minimum wage
 Pay you for holidays again agreed by both of you
 Not force you to work beyond working hours
 give you the notice you’re entitled to if your employment ends

You should have a copy of employment conditions in writing that you and your employer have agreed on. Your employer cannot change your employment conditions without your agreement.
If your employer does not meet these requirements, you can take legal action through an employment or industrial tribunal or the civil courts.
If you want to return to your home country, you can contact your country’s Embassy or High Commission in the UK.
Should you wish to apply for a Domestic worker visa, please contact Visa and Migration Ltd on 02034111261.

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