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Tier 2 and 5 Sponsor Licences

Often, a company in the UK wishes or needs to employ workers who are non-EU nationals. In that case, what do they need to do? If any company in the UK wishes to employ a non-EU worker then that company requires obtaining Sponsor License. In this guide, we outline what a sponsor license is and how you can go about applying for one. A sponsor license is the first step a company in the UK needs to take to employ non-EU workers; a Tier 2 or Tier 5 licence from the Home Office is needed in order to employ workers from outside the EU. In this case, the employer becomes a 'sponsor'. Once a UK company has a sponsorship license. it becomes eligible to sponsor Tier 2 and 5 workers' visa applications, meaning that the company can employ these non-EU worker applicants according to their visa restrictions. Employers should keep an eye on the correct and latest version of the guidance (issued by the Home Office) as it is subject to change. The guidance tells the employer what is expected from them by the Home Office once the employer has a sponsor license, the complete process the organisation must follow when it sponsors a migrant and how the employer can meet all the duties and responsibilities which are associated with being a sponsor. Successful applicants are given either an A or B rating. A B rating is generally given to those companies where authorities think that their recruitment activities can possibly pose a risk to immigration control. So, if you have been given a B rating, you will need to provide a management plan to show how you will improve your compliance system. If authorities find that you are failing to follow this plan your license may be withdrawn. A company is placed on the Register of sponsors or employers once it has a sponsor license., which in turn means that the company gets the access to the Sponsor Management System (SMS); an authorised person from the company can log into the Sponsor Management System on the UKVI website and assign a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) which is related to a specific migrant. Once a COS is assigned to a migrant, they can apply for a Tier 2 or Tier 5 visa. A sponsorship license can be given for just one category or it can be for more than one type of category. For example, you can be given Tier 2 General or Tier 2 Intra company transfer sponsorship licence. As the process of obtaining Sponsor License is heavily based on submitting the correct documents about your company, we can help you when you are applying for a sponsor license. We can also help you obtain it if you need it urgently - contact us to learn more....

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