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The NHS Visa

The UK allows people from other countries to migrate to the UK through various visa systems. In this series, they have recently announced that they will introduce the new NHS visa in the future which will allow medical staff to come to work in the UK. It is being said that the new NHS visa is an attempt to bring in more medical staff such as nurses and doctors from all over the world to fill in the gap of workforce present in the healthcare system in the UK – The NHS. Purpose of the new NHS visa According to the Home Secretary Priti Patel, the purpose of the visa is to bring in the “best of both worlds”. The intentions are to control the number of immigrants from the healthcare industry coming to the UK and yet at the same time to attract the best talents to come and work in the UK healthcare system.   Important things to know about the new NHS visa

  1. This is a part of proposals is like Australian style points-based immigration system that will be introduced once the UK Parliament passes the law.
  2. The new NHS will be put in place once it leaves the European Union (EU) and is free of the EU freedom of movement rules.
  3. The cost of the visa will be £464.
  4. The processing of the visa will be fast-tracked with a guaranteed decision within 2 weeks.
  5. Preferential treatment will be given in the new system and extra points will be rewarded to those coming to work in the NHS.
  6. NHS workers who will apply through this route will be given payment support to repay the cost of immigration health surcharge in installments via their salary once in the UK.
What can one expect from the visa? All the doctors and nurses looking to come to the UK to work in the healthcare industry can find the new proposed NHS visa very promising. UK government also thinks that through this visa they will be able to control the number of immigrants coming to the UK, which only the future will tell how true this claim proves to be. All the other details and execution once implemented will tell how useful this new NHS visa will be for the UK government and the overseas applicants. However, as of now, the proposed system is still welcomed. This is yet another attempt from the UK in the last one and a half years to change the current visa system and make it more accommodating for the people working in the healthcare industry. So, all the professionals in the industry are keenly waiting for this.  ...

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