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Switching to a UK Skilled Worker Dependent Visa

You can apply to switch to a UK skilled worker dependent visa if you are already in the UK on a different valid visa and you also meet the eligibility requirements of a skilled worker dependent visa.

Who qualifies as dependent?

The following family members of the skilled worker qualify as the dependents who can apply as skilled worker dependents:
 Husband, wife, civil partner or
 Unmarried partner or same-sex partner
 Children below the age of 18 at the time of application (including those born in the UK during the period of visa validity)
 Children over 18 (only if they are currently in the UK as a dependent of the main skilled worker visa holder)

You cannot apply to switch if you are in the UK on the following visas

If you want to apply to switch to a UK skilled worker dependent visa you should not be in the UK on any of the following visas:

 Visitor visa
 Short-term study visa on or after April 2015
 Parent of a Tier 4 (child) student visa on or after April 2015  
 You have been granted leave outside the rules

Eligibility requirements for switching to a UK skilled worker-dependent visa

You need to meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply for a UK skilled worker dependent visa:
1. Age Requirement
If you are applying as a partner you must be aged 18 or over. If the applicant is a dependent child they must be aged below 18 unless they were last granted permission as the dependent child of their parent/s. If the child is aged 16 or over they can apply as a dependent of a skilled worker only if they are not leading an independent life.   
2. Relationship Requirement
The relationship between both of you must be genuine and subsisting and you must intend to live together permanently.

If you are applying as a dependent partner of a skilled worker

Your partner must sponsor you. Your sponsoring partner must be one of the following:
 One who is already in the UK on a skilled worker visa or
 One who is applying for it at the same time as you and is granted entry clearance on the skilled worker route.

All of the following must be true if you and your sponsoring partner are not married or in a civil partnership:
 You both have been living together in a relationship similar to marriage or civil partnership for at least 2 years before the date of application.
 If you and/or your sponsoring partner were in a relationship with another person previously, it must have ended permanently before you apply and
 You and your sponsoring partner are not closely related which prohibits you both from getting married or entering into a civil partnership with each other.  

If the dependent of a skilled worker is a child
There can be 3 scenarios here:
1. The child can be included in the application when both parents of the child (one being the main skilled worker visa applicant and the other applying as a dependent partner) are applying at the same time.
2. The child can be included in the application of the parent who is applying to switch to a dependent of a skilled worker visa when their partner (may or may not be the parent of the child) already has permission to stay in the UK as a skilled worker.
3. The child is applying to join both of their parents where one or both are in the UK on a skilled worker visa.

Exemptions to the above may apply if any one of the following is true:

 There is only a sole surviving parent; or
 Only one parent holds the sole responsibility for the child’s upbringing; or
 There are serious, compassionate, or compelling circumstances that need to be considered.

Financial Requirement

You cannot seek any sort of public funds if you apply to switch to dependent on a skilled worker. This means you will need to provide adequate proof that your partner or parent in the UK will be able to financially support you throughout your stay in the UK (or that you have access to such funds).

The minimum financial requirements are as follows:
 £285 for a partner
 £315 for one child
 £200 for each additional child
You or your family member need to show that you have had these funds mentioned above available to you for 28 of the 31 days before the date of application for the visa. You may do this by providing a recent, up-to-date copy of your bank account statement.
You don’t need to give any proof of meeting the financial requirements if one of the following applies:
You (the dependent) and your family member have been in the UK on a valid visa for 12 months already; or
Your partner’s employer can cover your costs for your first month in the UK after you switch as dependent on a skilled worker
This must be stated on the certificate of sponsorship you received from your partner’s employer when they first applied for their initial Tier 2 (or equivalent) skilled worker visa. You can call us on Visa and Migration Ltd on 02034111261


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