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Representative of an Overseas Business

The Representative of an Overseas business route is available to companies who wish to establish a UK branch or subsidiary office to establish their operations in the UK. The route for this purpose is to send a representative to the UK. This visa category allows a senior employee of an overseas business that has no presence in the UK to come to the UK as a sole representative or a media representative.

Who is the sole and media representative of an overseas business?

A sole representative of an overseas business is a senior employee of that company. The employee operates the UK office on behalf of the parent company. A media representative is an employee of an overseas media company such as a newspaper or broadcasting company assigned to come to the UK on a long-term assignment.

Eligibility for a UK Sole Representative Visa

In order to send a sole or media representative to the UK through the representative of an overseas business visa route, the applicants need to meet the following conditions:
  • You must be financially able to support yourself without any requirements of seeking public funds.
  • You must meet the English language requirement.
  • You must be recruited outside the UK and employed in a business that has no presence in the UK and it will remain outside the UK.
  • You must have the appropriate knowledge, skills, and experience to perform the job.
  • You must be a senior employee complete with authority to make decisions on the behalf of the company but with no ownership and a majority stake in the company.
  • Your intention to come to the UK must be established either a branch or wholly-owned subsidiary of your parent company.
  • Media representatives need to be posted on a long-term assignment in the UK to apply for a representative visa.

Documents for sole representatives of an Overseas Business

The list of documents that each sole representative being sent to the UK to establish a branch or wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK need to submit is the following:
  • Complete details of the business and its activities, assets, and accounts.
  • A letter that says that the company is looking to set a new branch or wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK in the same business category that it runs overseas
  • Description and details of your job role, employment contract, and salary. You need to show that you know the job and you are in full authority to take the operational decisions.
  • There are other supporting documents to be provided as well such as proof that you are not the owner of a majority stake of the company or you don't own the company.
Documents for media representatives
If you are coming to the UK as a media representative on behalf of a newspaper, news agency, or broadcasting organization you must submit the followings:
  1. Complete detail of the activities of your company along with details of assets and accounts.
  2. You need to show that you are being sent to the UK as a representative of your parent company in the long term and full-time role.
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