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How Can a Professional Immigration Agency Help You?

UK immigration law is constantly evolving and - at the same time - documentation and permit requirements from the UK Border Agency are also undergoing constant change. Due to this, if you plan to visit, live or extend your stay in UK, then you should seek professional advice from a reputed and professional organisation. When you need help in getting permission to stay in the UK you should get immigration advice. But how can a professional immigration agency help you?

Registered immigration agencies

You should know that registered immigration advisers are regulated by the office of immigration services commissioner. This means that immigration advisers have to meet certain standards. These standards include keeping up-to-date with current immigration advice and carrying insurance against providing poor advice. If you are looking for such an agency, then you should be considerate about it and not choose one in hurry. Only an authorised immigration adviser can offer you immigration advice services under UK immigration law, meaning that any immigration agency must have an authorised immigration adviser to give you immigration assistance. Migration consultants, agents and lawyers must be registered with the Office of the Visa Services Commissioner (OISC) or a member of an approved professional body like The Law Society. All authorised immigration agents must have an authorisation number from the OISC and must display this on their website and documentation.

How do they help?

Professional immigration agencies can help you on things they are qualified and have expertise in. They can help guide you through the application and decision making process from beginning to end. Registered agencies work at 3 levels. Level 1 advisers can assist you in simple cases, in cases involving the following:
  1. Entry clearance
  2. UK visa extensions
  3. Leave to enter the UK
  4. Leave to remain in the UK
  5. Nationality and citizenship
  6. European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) law.
Level 2 immigration agencies and advisers can do all the work of level 1 advisers but can also help you in more complicated cases. For example:
  1. When there is claim for asylum and human rights application
  2. When you need to get administrative review against refusal on your visa application
  3. If you stayed in UK after your visa expired or you entered the country illegally
  4. If you are being deported or removed from UK
Level 3 advisers, in addition to all of the above, can appear at an immigration tribunal on your behalf and can help in some cases when you go to court as well.

Hiring an Immigration Adviser: Checklist

When you hire a professional immigration agency or an adviser then you should check for the following:
  1. How much they charge and how much you need to pay
  2. How much you need to pay if you decide not to use their services anymore
  3. Agree on a fee in advance in case they do any extra work for you
  4. Take a receipt which should be signed and dated if you pay them money
  5. Get a letter from your adviser telling you what work they are doing for you, how much you will be charged and how you will pay them immediately after you hire them
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