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PIP and UK Partner Visa

A partner visa is for non-British individual who has a partner who is a British citizen, is settled in the UK or has a pre-settled or settled status under the EU settlement scheme. However, some eligibility requirements must be met by the applicant and the sponsor (partner in the UK). One of them is to meet financial needs.   

If you or your partner in the UK are in receipt of PIP (Personal Independence Payment) you do not need to meeting the financial requirements rather you need to meet the maintenance and accommodation requirement. 

The calculations for the maintenance and accommodation are based on the income/benefits you receive and the amount of rent or council tax you pay. After you have substracted your rent and council tax from the income/benefit you receive then you should be left with an amount which should be equal or greater than the income support provided to the family of same size. The current rate of income support for a couple is £121.05 per week.      

Evidence Required for PIP - 

If you are in receipt of PIP you will need to submit the following as evidence:  

  • To confirm your current entitlement to the PIP and the amount you currently received, you need to submit the official documentation from the Department for Work and Pensions or the Veterans Agency  

  • You receive the amount of PIP benefit into your bank account. To show this, you need to submit the bank’s statement within last 12 months before the date of application.   

UK Partner visa extension and PIP  

At the time of application for a UK partner visa extension, you again need to submit the evidence to show that you are still entitled to and receiving a PIP allowance to be exempted from meeting the financial requirement. 

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