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Naturalisation Reconsideration Request

There are different ways to acquire British citizenship and Naturalisation is one of those. Who can apply for Naturalisation? Well, foreign nationals who hold ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) can apply for Naturalisation if they meet the relevant requirements under the British Nationality Act 1981.

Refusal of Naturalisation Application

There are various reasons why your application for Naturalisation can be refused. Generally, the reasons can be overstaying in last 10 years or a criminal offence which negatively affects the ‘good character requirement’. You are considered to have a good character if you have shown respect for rights and freedom in the UK followed all the laws of the UK and performed all your duties and obligations as a resident of the UK. So, in simple terms, the UK Home Office will conduct a record check of your civil and criminal activities in the UK and even outside. If any adverse information is found on your records the application for Naturalisation will be refused. You are not granted the right of appeal against the refusal of the Naturalisation application.

Application for a Naturalisation reconsideration request

If your Naturalisation application has been refused, you can apply for your Naturalisation application reconsideration by the Home Office UKVI. You need to use the application form NR for this purpose. Your application for reconsideration will be successful or not depends on the fact that reasons are given in refusal letter for the rejection of your Naturalisation application is lawful or not. Home Office fee for the Naturalisation reconsideration request is £327 and if your reconsideration request is successful then your fee is refunded. If after reconsideration the Home The office maintains the decision to refuse your application of Naturalisation, such a decision can be challenged in court through Judicial Review. In most of the cases, you may request discretion from the Home Office depending on the circumstances, such as a child’s wellbeing or opportunities child will receive by being a British Citizen, this differs from case to case basis.

How to make a reconsideration request

Before you make a formal reconsideration request for your application you should assess whether you satisfied the requirements or not. Once you are satisfied and decided to make a request application, you can seek an expert’s advice. They will help you draft a legal representation letter in which you mention why you think the decision to reject the application was wrong or unlawful by making references to the applicable legal rules or policies in the UK. There is no time limit to reconsider the decision; however, you need to provide strong grounds for the Home Office to revisit your case for reconsideration. After you get the decision on your application, you should note that you can make one reconsideration request only, so use it wisely. To avoid further mistakes you must get expert legal advice and representation. It will ensure that your case is properly presented and argued. If you are looking to apply for reconsideration of your refusal consult with Visa and Migration Ltd today on 02034111261...

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