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Long Term UK Visit Visa for Private Medical Treatment

When you go to UK to receive a private medical treatment then you need to apply for UK standard visitor visa as this visa has replaced several short term visa categories which include the Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa. When you apply for a UK Standard visitor visa for private medical treatment then you must meet certain requirements. These are:

  1. You must be genuinely seeking entry into the UK for the purpose of receiving private medical treatment. The initial period for your treatment must not exceed six months - or 11 months, where the visitor’s medical practitioner has confirmed that the period of treatment is likely to exceed six months and provided the person has entry clearance as a visitor.
  2. You must leave the UK once your treatment is completed.
  3. You must maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependents without any recourse to public funds.
  4. You must meet the cost of the return or onward journey.
  5. You must satisfy the medical inspector that if you have an infectious or communicable disease - such as leprosy - it is not a danger to public health.
  6. You must show that any proposed course of treatment is for a limited period.
  7. You must produce satisfactory evidence of following:
  • The medical condition which requires consultation or treatment.
  • Arrangements for the consultation or treatment at your own expense.
  • The estimated costs for the consultation or treatment.
  • The possible duration of your visit to UK.
  • You have sufficient funds available in the UK to meet the estimated costs and your undertaking to do so.
Like all UK standard visitor visas, this visa allows you to stay in UK for 6 months only. But what if you need to stay for longer? Then you need to apply for a long term UK visit visa for private medical treatment.

Long-Term Private Medical Treatment

In cases where it is known that the proposed treatment will take more than 6 months, then you can apply for an 11 month visa before you come to the UK. However, the treatment must still be for a finite period only, and you must choose the relevant visa option and pay the relevant fee for this. If you apply for a short term visa and the supporting information that you submit shows that treatment will take over 6 months, then you cannot get the longer visa. For this, you need to apply for any additional periods that you need by making an extension application. When you want to extend your stay in the UK for private medical treatment then you must provide a letter from a registered medical practitioner in the UK. When you apply for a long term visit visa, you are required to abide by all the relevant visitor rules so that you can be granted the length or duration of your visit visa. As an applicant, you need to prove that you have a genuine intention to visit the UK on a regular basis for a specific reason - in this case, private medical treatment....

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