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Leave Outside the Rules

There is a provision within the Immigration Rules to grant people leave outside the rules. However, the leave can only be granted on a compassionate and compelling basis. Generally, in “extreme rare” cases.
The cases for leave outside the rules are granted on circumstances where refusal would result in unjustifiably harsh consequences. The threshold of proving “unjustifiably harsh consequences” is very high.
An application can be submitted for temporary leave or even indefinite leave to remain, however, the applicant will need to substantiate why should they be granted Indefinite leave to Remain in the UK.
Such cases can be based on medical grounds or an emergency or unexpected event where the applicant needs to extend their stay in the UK.
The discretion to grant leave outside the rules is considered on a case by case basis so there is no fixed criteria that the applicant needs to meet. The discretion for grants is used sparingly.
Should you wish to apply for leave outside the rules, please contact Visa and Migration Ltd to discuss your circumstances by calling 02034111261 or emailing –


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