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Indefinite Leave to Remain – Common Mistakes

One mistake when applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK can cost you a visa refusal. It costs you money, time, and opportunity to continue living in the UK without any time
restriction once successfully granted Indefinite Leave To Remain. Hence, you must try to avoid these mistakes. There are usual common mistakes made by applicants which are the following:

1. Issues with your Application Form

You may have submitted the incorrect application form or did not submit the form correctly. There are various forms for Indefinite Leave to Remain and sometimes it is confusing which form may be a correct one, However, it is very important that you fill in a correct application as the mistake can make your application invalid under the validity requirements.


2. Excessive Absences

Many applicants make the mistake of being absent for more than 180 days in any given 12- month period within their qualifying period. Once you have spent more than 180 days (the threshold for ILR) in any given 12-month period, this breaks your continuous residency in the UK. In this situation you need to restart from the end of your last ‘excessive absence’.
This happens due to ignorance or lack of understanding of the requirements or genuine reasons in many cases as well. Therefore, you must seek legal advice regarding your absences as the requirements are very stringent, complex, and subject to change. Appendix Continuous Residence is the relevant immigration rules in connection with the absences and how these are calculated.


3. Not Reporting Immigration Breaches of the Past

Applicant not reporting immigration issues such as deportation or a period with unlawful immigration status on their ILR visa application have to face the refusal. They make the mistake of not reporting this because they think it was a minor issue or it happened a long time ago and thus ignore it.  You must give full disclosure of immigration breaches in your application.


4. Not Seeking Expert’s Advice

Many applicants believe in the “Do It Yourself” theory. Applicants do it because either they think they know it all or they want to save the advisory fee charged by Immigration Lawyers or for other valid reasons. 

Whatever if the reason, you must seek expert services when applying for ILR or at least take a consultation from a regulated lawyer. The little cost that you need to pay to the immigration lawyer may save you from visa ejection if there is no valid reason for the Home Office to reject it.


5. Innocent Mistakes

Some mistakes are committed by the applicant unintentionally which leads to ILR visa refusal. Innocent mistakes may include typo errors such as an incorrect postal code or address, and
wrong date and figures. 
You should be fully alert while filling out the Indefinite Leave To Remain application form. You should double-check if everything you have typed and entered is correct. This can also be avoided by taking expert’s services and be double checked by you.


6. Deceptions

If you are making deliberate deception or non- declaration of a criminal offence and thinking you may get away then you are making a big mistake. These are usually mistakes that suggest you have made a deliberate attempt to deceive the visa authorities. Such attempts could range from failing to declare material facts or ticking ‘no’ on the question “Have you previously been
refused a visa?” when there’s clear evidence of a past refusal. You must avoid such a mistake.  

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