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How to present a UK Visitor Visa

The most common mistake people make when presenting their application for a UK visitor visa is that they never provide a clear picture of their finances. UK Visitor Visa is a short-term visa that allows you to come and stay in the UK for up to 6 months. You can visit the UK for various purposes such as holiday, meeting your family, study, medical treatment etc. The requirements for all the visitor visas are provided under Appendix V of the Immigration Rules The general eligibility requirements apply to all visitor visas.

How to apply for a visitor visa?

If you wish to apply for a UK visitor visa you should visit and complete the relevant application online, submit the documents by uploading these to VFS or TLS centres, and finally attending the appointment for biometrics and submit the passport.

What to submit?

You need to understand that the visitor visa is a temporary visa and will be given for a 6 month length or the length you are applying, however, you should try and stick to the period you have stated on your application that you will be visiting for. You should always show all your ties to your home country or the country you reside in, for example, your income, your assets including properties, valuation for the properties, your family ties, or any other long-term commitments you have to the country you are applying from. These prove that you will return to your home country or the country of your presence.

Documents Required

The documents depend on the applicants circumstances, however, there are only some mandatory evidence for example –
  •  Your passport with a validity of atleast 6 months;
  • Evidence of accommodation in the UK; and
  • Evidence of your finances – please make sure you are as transparent as possible with your bank statements.
If you are looking for professional assistance with your visitor visa application you can contact Visa and Migration Ltd for a free assessment of your circumstances by calling +44(0)2034111261 or email –

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