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How to apply for the multiple entries UK Visitor Visa

UK Visitor visa, now termed as UK standard Visitor Visa, is for foreign nationals coming to the UK for tourism, study, business purposes, participating in an event or sports tournament and other permitted activities. You can be granted a maximum of six months' stay in the UK as a standard UK visitor. In certain circumstances, you can apply for a more extended stay of more than six months. After this period, you must leave the UK.  

UK Standard Visitor visa has replaced the following visitor visas: 

  • Family Visitor visa 

  • Child Visitor visa 

  • General Visitor visa 

  • Sports Visitor visa 

  • Business Visitor visa 

  • Entertainer Visitor visa 

  • Prospective Entrepreneur visa 

  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa 

  • Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa 


UK multiple entries visitor visa 

As mentioned, in most circumstances, the UK standard visitor visa grants you to stay in the UK for up to six months only. One can also apply for multiple entries as a standard visitor, provided each stay is not beyond the permitted length of stay in the UK, which is usually six months. This way, one can apply for a visa with 2, 5 or 10 years of validity. However, during 6 months, you can leave and enter the UK multiple times unless the visa has been endorsed as either single or dual entry. 

How to apply for the multiple entries UK visitor visa? 

The first thing is that you meet the eligibility requirements, which are the following: 

  • You will leave the UK at the end of your visit 

  • You can support yourself and your dependents financially during your stay in the UK (or have funding from someone else to help you) 

  • You can pay for your return or onward journey (or have funding from someone else to pay for the trip) 

  • You will not make the UK your main home by extending your stay in the UK 

You may need to meet extra eligibility requirements if you're visiting the UK: 

  1. To study, do a placement or take an exam 

  1. As an academic, senior doctor or dentist 

  1. for medical reasons 

How to apply? 

You must apply online for the multiple entries UK standard visitor visa. As part of the application process, you will be required to book an appointment with an overseas visa application centre to attend it to enrol your biometric information. Once your application form has been submitted online, you will be able to upload your supporting documents. You must also pay the visa fee. 

Visa fee 

The cost of applying for a short-term standard visitor visa is the following: 

  1. £100 for up to 6 months  

  1. For a long-term standard visitor visa with multiple entries, the cost is £376 for a 2-year visa, 

  1. £670 for a 5-year visa and  

  1. £837 for a 10-year visa.  

However, it is not necessary for the UKVI to grant you a visa for up to 2, 5 and 10 years as requested by you, and you may be given a shorter visa than requested if you fail to meet the eligibility requirements for the duration of the visa that you have applied for.  

How long does it take to get the decision? 

It will usually take up to 3 weeks from the date of your appointment for a decision to be made. However, by paying for a faster decision, you may also be able to make a decision early.  

If you are successfully granted a multiple entry visa over 2, 5 or 10 years, you will get permission to visit the UK over the visa's validity period. However, every single visit of yours to the UK will allow you to stay in the UK for a maximum of 6 months.  

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