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A guide about UK fiancé visa cost and fee

UK fiance visa or UK prospective marriage visa is an entry route to the UK. This is a part of the "Family visa" category. With this visa, you are allowed to come to the UK if your fiance is a British Citizen or has settled status in the UK. This is a short term visa that allows you to stay in the UK for six months. You must marry your fiance in those six months to live with your partner beyond six months for which you need to apply for a UK spouse visa. Your fiance needs to sponsor you. So, you are the applicant and your fiance is your sponsor. Unlike other partner visas, you and your fiance need not have lived together before applying for the visa. In this blog, we are going to talk about UK Fiance Visa cost and fees and other details.

Eligibility for UK fiancé visa

All applicants need to meet the following conditions to apply for a UK fiancee visa.
  • You are your fiance must be 18 or above.
  • You both must have met each other.
  • You both must intend to get married within six months.
  • You both must intend to live together permanently after marriage.
  • You both need to show that any relationship that you and/or your fiance were involved in before has ended.
  • You must be able to support yourself financially on your own or by your fiance without seeking any public fund.
  • Your fiance must sponsor you. For this, the minimum earning requirement for your British partner is £18,600 per for a minimum of 6 continuous months before you apply. If your partner fails to meet this minimum income figure then he/she must have savings of minimum £62,500 for a continuous period of six months before you make the application to be able to sponsor you. This minimum income figure goes up if you also want to bring children with you as dependents as they also must be sponsored, which is £22400 for 1st child and then additional £2400 for each child.
  • There must be adequate accommodation for you, your fiance and children if any.

UK fiance visa cost and fee

Like any other visa application, you do have to pay a fee for a UK fiance visa also. However, the fee that you have to pay depends upon your situation, the country that you are applying from and the kind of service you avail to get the process completed. So, the standard fee for the visa is £1,523. If you opt for a premium service to get a quick decision on your visa in 30 working days then you will have to pay an extra fee for that. With standard fees and time, it takes between 8 to 12 weeks to get a decision. The basic cost or fee for the visa depends upon how you apply. So the fee structure is like this.
  • If you apply to join your partner from outside the UK as a fiance then you have to pay £1,523 and once you are married you will make an application for spouse visa you will pay £1,033 + Immigration Health Surcharge for 2.5 years.
  • If there is dependent/s added to your application then you have to pay again £1,523 for each of them when applying from outside
  • Priority service usually costs £573 for 30 working day decisions
Please note: - the fee may be payable in local currency or USD, exchange rate and bank charges may apply.
Additional costs or fees to be paid
There are other fees to be paid as well. For example, the TB test cost of £110, English Language test cost of £150 and so on. Our fee for representing application depends on the circumstances of the parties and the applicants. You can call us on +44(0)2034111261 for a free assessment of your case.
How long can you stay?
You can stay for up to six months with a UK fiance visa during which you should marry your fiance in the UK. After you get married you can apply for a UK spouse visa and if you get it successfully you can continue to live in the UK with your partner. If you want any kind of assistant for your visa application you can contact us. We help you complete the entire process correctly and smoothly so that there is no chance of refusal of your visa application at all. ubscribe our Youtube channel  ...

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