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What Documents Are Needed for a UK Visitor or Tourist Visa?

Are you looking to visit the UK? Then a UK tourist visa is what you will need to legally enter and stay in the UK for a period of up to six months. To help you understand what documentation you’ll need for your application, we have created this helpful article to outline everything you’ll need to apply for a UK visitor visa.


This might seem an obvious one, but by showing your passport you are inevitably providing solid documentation to  the relevant authorities where you are coming from and that you are legally allowed to travel. Other travel documents are also accepted to prove you are able to travel internationally.  Providing previous passports or travel documents can let the UK Border Authorities know where you have travelled in the past. If you have been to any third world countries they may have additional questions for you in terms of health risks. 

Financial information for tourist visas

The UK will want to know how you plan to support yourself financially while visiting the country and so will request various documents from you to explain this. Recommended documents to provide this information are listed below: 
  • Bank statements - this will show the authorities how much you currently have in the bank and allow them to assess if you can sustain yourself with those funds
  • Proof of earnings - this could include a letter from your previous employer which outlines when you worked for them, your salary, your position and job titles as well as contact details for the UK to use to verify
  • Name of 3rd party providing you financial support while you are in the UK - a friend, relative or business can all qualify for this position
There are a few other documents you may have to provide in certain circumstances when applying for a UK visitor visa. For example: 
  • If you are self-employed you will need to provide the business registration documents including the name of the business owner along with the dates the business was established. 
  • If you are under 18, it is recommended that you also provide a copy of your birth certificate or adoption papers to prove the relationship between you and your parent or guardian. 

Translating your application

Should you need your application translated into English then there are some additional documents that will need to accompany your application. You will need to provide certified English translations along with your original application. This should include: 
  • Confirmation for the translator that this is an accurate translation of your original application
  • The date of the translation
  • The details of the translator - name, signature and contact information

Proof of your return

A key aspect of a visitor visa is that it is valid for a 6 month period and so you must be able to provide information about when you will be leaving the UK. You could do this by showing you have a job or education to return to in your home country. Alternatively, showing the UK that you have family to return to will also help prove this to the authorities. Having a return flight booked is the most common way to show you will be leaving the UK.

Specific types of visitors

Some types of visitors to the UK will require additional documents for their stay. These types of visitors include: 
  • Academics coming to complete research for an extended period of time
  • Family accompanying academics
  • If you are coming to the UK for private medical care
  • Prospective entrepreneurs 
  • Training for work
  • Performers coming to the UK for permit-free festivals
  • Approved destination scheme visitors
  • Permitted paid engagements
  • Transit visitors 
To learn about the different types of documentation each of these different types of visitors then check out the UK government site here. For help, guidance and support with completing your own visa application to the UK or abroad Visa and Migration can walk you through the process. Whether you need a visitor, fiance, marriage, child or entrepreneur visa we can guide you through and simplify the process for you, taking away the stress of coming to the UK. ...

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