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How Can Immigration Lawyers Help You to Challenge a UK Visa Refusal?

Applying for a UK visa is not an easy task. It requires detailed knowledge so that your visa application is accepted successfully. Many applicants applying for UK visa make this mistake of applying on their own. They don’t take expert guidance and - as a result of this - they face their UK visa application being refused. If your UK visa application is refused, then you can apply for an administrative review or appeal depending upon your eligibility. When you go through this process, it is highly advisable to get the help of immigration lawyers - or an agency which has an expert team of immigration lawyers - so that you have the maximum chance of getting a decision in your favour. It can be a really difficult time for you if your immigration application to the Home Office is refused. In this situation, you need to understand the appeal and judicial review process so that you can successfully challenge the decision of Home Office. Your challenge is heard either at a hearing in Immigration Tribunals or at the higher courts. In order to get a successful decision, you should seek the help of immigration lawyers. Whether you have the right to appeal or administrative review will be informed to you by the Home Office in the decision letter sent to you against your visa application.

How can immigration lawyers help you when you have the right to appeal?

If your UK visa application has been refused by UK Visas and Immigration, you need to know whether you have the right to appeal or just for an administrative review. If you have the right to appeal, then an immigration lawyer or an agency can help you in appealing against the Home Office decision. They will inform you about the complete process so that you become fully aware of the court procedure. Along with this, you are provided the best legal advice from your immigration lawyer about how to make a strong appeal. They can also represent you on the day of your hearing to make sure that you get a verdict in your favour.

When you need to go to upper court

Sometimes you don’t get the right appeal and you may need to go to higher court or upper tribunal in order to challenge the refusal of the Home Office by Judicial Review. In this situation, your immigration lawyer will help you. They will discuss the options you have available.

When you have right for Administrative Review

If you have got the right for Administrative Review, then your immigration lawyer will advise you as to what will be required for an Administrative Review. You will be guided throughout the process on immigration rules, Home Office policy and law about the case.

Additional help

Making an appeal or undergoing an administrative review is a complicated process. If you have already made a few mistakes leading to your visa being refused, you should be careful while appealing against the refusal so that you get a successful decision. An expert and qualified team of immigration lawyers can lodge a visa refusal appeal on your behalf. However, you should note that, in order to lodge an appeal, immigration consultants require Level 3 registration with the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner....

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