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Best Universities for International Students in the UK

From the royal family and rolling country lanes, to obsessive tea drinking and the ever amazing Harry Potter franchise, the UK is renowned worldwide for so many different quirks and perks. But it’s not just the cream teas and Shakespearean plays that have people flocking to live in the UK, it’s also the incredible academic programme Britain has to offer its residents. Across the width and breadth of the nation lie some of the best universities within the world of academia, where young people receive a top quality degree that will set them up for life. As you already likely know, there are many benefits to studying in the UK. If you live abroad and are looking to study within the UK, you might be wondering which university has the best resources and features to help support international students. In order to help narrow down your decision and find the best university for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the top UK universities for international students.

Imperial College, London

With students from over 125 different countries choosing to study at London’s Imperial College every year, this university is highly regarded for its outstanding international programme. With an international student support team in place to organise activities and events all year round, Imperial College is an excellent option for anyone living abroad who might be worried about meeting new people. With a thriving social scene, Imperial College London engages international students within the very heart of university life.

University of Oxford

One of the most famous universities in the world, Oxford is renowned for its unparalleled academic record and held up in esteem for teaching some of the brightest minds throughout history. However, as well as its exceptional academic background, Oxford is also held in high regard for its international student standing. With a long history of accepting international students, today one third of Oxford’s students come from abroad to study within its hallowed halls, making it one of the best universities for international students to apply to.

University of Warwick

Based within the heart of the Midlands, Warwick is a redbrick university and is upheld for its terrific and engaging courses. With a vibrant social scene, Warwick University promotes intercultural learning and activity, encouraging everyone to come together. Their intercultural training programme is also purposefully designed to enrich the experience of international students and help promote cultural diversity across the campus.

University College, London

The University College London (known as UCL) is situated within the heart of London, making it the perfect social hub, and a prime location to soak up the culture in the capital. It’s also a hub for international students, and is hailed as ‘London’s Global University’ due to its high intake of students from abroad. With an international student orientation programme and highly attentive welfare and support network, UCL shines out as one of the best universities for anyone looking to study within the UK from abroad.

Exeter University

Set amongst beautiful English countryside and only a short distance from the glorious coast, Exeter Uni possesses one of the most beautiful university campuses in Britain. However, it’s not just the scenic views and outstanding academic record that has international students flocking to apply. Exeter University currently has 5,000 international students studying within its halls and the numbers are only increasing. And to help you decide whether Exeter university is right for you, their international summer school gives international students the opportunity to travel to Britain and experience what it would be like to study abroad so that you can make an informed decision on your future.

St Andrews University, Scotland

Perhaps best known as the university where Prince William and Kate met and fell in love, the University of St Andrews is one of the academic jewels within the UK, and with approximately 30% of their student intake coming from international students, it’s one of the best choices for young people from abroad. With substantial support, guidance and help given to international students, its caring mission statement is one of the many features that makes St Andrews so appealing to international students. If you’re looking to study abroad within the UK, contact us for help on understanding and procuring your student visa....

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