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Benefits of British Citizenship

Acquiring British Citizenship is not easy, and it is also quite expensive. But as the UK offers great life and work opportunities, thousands of people apply for British Citizenship each year. Even though Indefinite Leave to Remain gives you many rights, like living and working in the UK indefinitely, acquiring British Citizenship has benefits beyond all these. Here are some benefits available exclusively to those who acquire British Citizenship.

1. Right to Live, Work, and Study in the UK

British citizens can live freely in the UK without any restrictions. There is no compulsion to live in the UK for a particular time once you get British Citizenship. Hence, you can leave and return to the UK anytime you want. You can also live outside the UK for as long as you want without having a fear of losing British Citizenship.
British Citizens can work and study in the UK freely without any immigration restrictions. Youdon’t need to get permission to work and study in the UK once you have acquired British Citizenship.


2. Right to obtain a British Passport

Acquiring British Citizenship enables you to hold a British Passport. The British passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. A British passport allows you to enter more than 180 countries and territories without a visa or through a visa on arrival for travel purposes. A British passport in your hand is evidence of your British Citizenship. You can travel freely in and outside the UK to multiple countries without facing the pain of handling too much bureaucracy.


3. Right to Vote

With British Citizenship comes the right to vote in all official local and national elections held in the UK. You can also vote in any referendum held, such as Brexit. Hence, you can participate in the country’s democratic processes with voting rights. You can also stand for public office once you become a British citizen.


4. Right to Access Free Healthcare

All British Citizens can access free healthcare through the NHS (National Health Service), which is funded by the public in the country. You get the best medical services available to you once you acquire British Citizenship.


5. Potential of Acquiring Dual Citizenship

British Citizenship allows you to hold not just dual, in fact, multiple Citizenship. Hence, while taking advantage of British Citizenship, you can also enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of another country if dual Citizenship is permitted in that country as well.   


6. Passing on British Citizenship to the Future Generations

Once you acquire British Citizenship, your children will become British citizens automatically, irrespective of whether they are born in the UK or outside the UK.


7. Right to Claim Public Funds

Unlike when you are in the UK on a visa where you cannot access public funds, once you become a British citizen, you can fully claim UK state benefits such as jobseeker’s allowance or
carer allowance, etc.
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